Illawarra District, Australia, October 13, 2015.
The Damascus Scribe (Sananda).
Subject: “Those Almost Immediately Eligible” — Part One.
(shortened transmission).

Message received by George Barnard.

The Scribe: “When you smartly elucidate to whom you wish to speak, that Teacher will come through to you. Of course, when your mind is not clear and you ‘vaguely move through’ a list of your Teachers, they may well shrug their shoulders and await a specific call. Now tell your story here first.”

George: At some time during 1974 or 1975 Midwayer Chief Bzutu and I discussed the further treatment of a deeply troubled patient. What we came up with between us more than pleased us both and I chanced the remark: ‘We’re as old as the Hills, you and I.’ It was a casual way of saying that neither of us was born just yesterday. The Chief answered: ‘You are older.’ Then he was gone.

The Scribe: “Can you think of anyone who would better explain what the Chief had in mind? He, of course, spoke of the Gift from God you mostly call your Thought Adjuster. I am a Thought Adjuster. I was a Virgin Adjuster and through various — mostly dissappointing associations — I became a Self-Acting Adjuster, then a Supreme Adjuster (serving both Machiventa and Jesus), now a Personalized Adjuster of which there are but relatively few.

And so I am the one who with a few words can explain what your friend, Bzutu, meant. In the years he spent on this planet he is unbelievably older than is your body, or your brain, or mind. It is concerning your Thought Adjuster that he informs you, you are older.

“Firstly, my dear friend, your Thought Adjuster left Divinington’s ‘indoctrination’ with his universe Ph.D. long before the Secondary Midwayers of your planet were ever thought of. And secondly, more importantly, Thought Adjusters are Fragments of the Creator of All. They are not offspring of God. Oh no! They are Segments of the eternal Father. They predate time, together with the Creator. In fact, there is no one older. We are all — you might say — ageless.

“Of great importance — and this was the conclusion you were invited to come to at the time, which you did — Midwayers are not hosts to Thought Adjusters. Angels host no Thought Adjusters and neither do Life Carriers, nor do Melchizedeks. It is almost entirely a human phenomenon and those few creatures, not of your races, that do occasionally become indwelt by a Thought Adjuster are unrevealed to you.

“Humans must have Adjusters. You are almost immediately eligible. It is beyond your reasoning and imagination to conceive of a world where your races were not to be indwelt. Inconceivable, you say? Yes, you are right, you might likely still be on all fours.

“Truly, all matters dealing with Adjusters are always best attended by me. I leave you now for a short time, dear one, but I leave you my love.”

Edited by Linda Abell.

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