Illawarra District, Australia, October 14, 2015.
Midwayer Chief, Bzutu.
The Damascus Scribe (Sananda).

Subject: “Those Almost Immediately Eligible” — Part Two.

Message received by George Barnard.

(Having finally solved a difficult problem, George is visibly happy about it, but it’s rather late . . . again.)

Bzutu: “Now would be the time to contemplate how you would feel if you had a real brain, rather than just good luck.”

(subdued laughter — there are others already asleep here).

The Scribe: “The lateness of the hour and your wandering mind made me cut short our discussion before, my dear friend. This is the Damascus Scribe who bestows upon you his love and admiration here and for all time in our local universe, yes, and even into the eternity realm of Paradise.

“The fact that Midwayers — indeed all Midwayers, Primary and Secondary — have no Thought Adjusters allows you to more clearly understand that they can only be brothers and sisters insofar as you all have the same Parents — Michael and Nebadonia.

“The Midwayers are two different species. The Primary Midwayers are related to the Planetary Prince’s servants. Adamson and his Nodite wife, Ratta, were the grandparents to the “Spirit Guardian” friends of your youth. However, neither are indwelt by Thought Adjusters, although both species frequently work closely with both Angels and Adjusters.

“However long it takes for any evolutionary world to attain Light and Life, fusion for Midwayers is on hold. And so it goes for Life Carriers, Melchizedeks and countless others you do not yet know, even your Celestial Engineer, brother Isaac. It will often be reported that the Angels are envious of your kind, perhaps even outright jealous, but would any of them enjoy having to function with a mind 100 percent dependent on a electro-chemical brain? Not likely, and furthermore, would they enjoy serving the two earthly masters — their physical as well as their spiritual needs?

“Human beings live short, intensive lives and would fare badly without an Adjuster, even if many are hardly aware of the Godsent Helper. Morontial beings generally have easier lives while their lives before fusion can be thousands, yes, millions of years in duration.

“It’s all right to wish to be in another’s shoes, or ‘sport another’s wings,’ so to speak, but how many would question the Eternal Father’s decision to grant anyone the gift of life of one kind or another? I am the Damascus Scribe. Goodnight to all.”

Edited by Linda Abell.

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