Oregon, USA, July 12, 2021.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “The Heart-Mind Equilibrium”

Message received by Anyas

Thought Adjuster: “Many of you spend more time in their head than their heart. The terabytes of your grey matter and its complex circuitry are here to help you make sense of your ever-changing life circumstances — on the inner and the outer. Moment by moment, you make a staggering number of decisions — some habitual, some impulsive, others premeditated, weighing the pros and cons of their possible outcome.

I would say that impulsive decisions stem from the heart — your emotional center. Ideally, they should be the natural outworking of a wide-open heart, running on benevolence. Yet, because many toxic emotions are entrenched in your being, the decisions they trigger do not meet the optimal standards of altruism.

How then can you retrain your emotional center? It has to occur from within it. You can mentally formulate the intention to foster its expansion, which will help you remain focused on this worthwhile endeavor.

Just as you have a say in the quality of the nutrients you feed your mind, you need to be very clear about those that provide a positive emotional boost, impacting how you interact with the world at large.

It is also why the Adjuvant Mind Spirit of Worship is the heart-opener by excellence. Its esteemed Associates — Intuition, Understanding, Knowledge, Courage, Counsel, and Wisdom — interact with both your mind and your heart to convey their godlike attributes, thus nudging you toward self-realization.

When receptive to the proffered assistance of this highly qualified Faculty, your mental process will take you from the foundational level of intuition to the graduate one of wisdom. Sadly, many of you do not accord enough importance to their emotional growth, which leaves their heart lagging behind their intellect. It results in an intelligent but rather cold-hearted personality. This imbalance is quite hazardous to their spiritual development — as displayed in the tragic life trajectory of Lucifer — a high being who fell from grace when he shut down his heart to stage a clever coup against his Maker.

Make time for personal and group worship. There is great power when two or more gather to sing songs of praise. It becomes a gateway for grace to move into their wide-opened hearts. They will feel it in real but unspoken ways. Words cannot adequately describe such a blissful state when a sublime sense of peace takes over your entire being, working its way from your heart to your head.”

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