Illawarra District, Australia, October 15, 2016.
Teacher: The Damascus Scribe (Sananda).
Subject: “Serving the Sovereign.”

Message received by George Barnard.

The Scribe: “I begin this lesson with a confession and for anyone having arrived at the Urantia Papers from a former fundamentalist religion such comment as this must be lip-smacking delicious. It is often noted that mankind is born in sin, but I say, ‘Not so fast!’ The Creator’s gift of personality is pure, is unspoiled and perfect. Anyone or anything hailing from the Father of All that Exists is perfect and is most likely to remain so, as long as he or she continues to dwell in pure spirit form. Thought Adjusters dwell in, and are, of pure spirit.

“The infinitely varied personalities allotted to His human children are essentially perfect, yes, perfect in essence, but by arriving in your most inequitable space/time they almost inevitably will become corrupted. In earth time and morontia lives they need to become both experienced and once more perfect, slowly, slowly on. Heaven indeed holds its breath waiting for its earthly children to do what is right and it rejoices when their decision making is according to the Father’s demand for them to once again ‘be perfect by choice in imperfect surroundings, yes, eventually as He is perfect.’

“I know your text tells you that no one may speak about Thought Adjusters in an informed way. After all, we are the Mystery Monitors and so very much about us is incomprehensable to you. It truly is. Suffice it to say that, firstly, your text predates the Correcting Time and in keeping with the rebellion’s adjudication new rules do apply and secondly, I am a Thought Adjuster, be it now a personalized one, and I may confer with you about TAs. I will live on in making myself useful in a progress-oriented drive and I will continue to lift the weight from Machiventa’s busy shoulders whenever I can.

“Every local universe has, or in time will have, at least one personalized Thought Adjuster by virtue of their each having companioned their Creator Son on His final bestowal as a creature born of woman on the world selected from the many of His making. So you see, serving the Sovereign has its rewards, yet be assured it is a tense time that tolerates not a single mistake.

“Indeed, my friend, the Supreme Adjuster — yes, always a Supreme Adjuster — deserving of companioning a Creator Son during His final bestowal must show an ancient, flawless past of multiple assists and rescues, an impeccable ‘present’ with the bestowal and a known and celebrated future in progress for his adopted world and the greater local universe, furthermore. By Those Who made the TA their choice for the Creator Son, all of his past, present and future is known. So be it. I shall flawlessly serve progress on your planet from this time on.

“For you there are important decisions to make — important for your family, your business and for 11:11 Progress’ future — get to it and do well.

“I am the Scribe, who loves you.”

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