Alabama, US of A, January 14, 2014.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Pioneers.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “The life of a person who is sincerely consecrated to live the will of the Father would be primarily a life of peace. The materialistic tendencies and the false needs that affect so many human beings of these times in Urantia would not be a determining factor in her life. Such a person would be totally immune to the external influences that may deviate her attention from the goal of being closer to the Father.

A person who really desires to know God would certainly endeavor to discover Him inside herself and within her peers. For this person the mysteries of the world would be discoverable in time and eternity, and she would consider the discoveries of science as the patrimony of all humanity. This person would naturally develop a great interest in everything that surrounds her, because she could sense the presence of the Father in all things and His loving oversight for all creatures. Those who want to know God search for Him everywhere and discover Him in the marvels of nature and in His most important creation – those beings with the capacity to know Him.

A person consecrated to the will of the Father is a person dedicated to self-evaluation. This person examines carefully all her decisions and actions, trying to elevate them increasingly closer to perfection. This person is not afraid to face her mistakes or focus her attention in the most deficient aspects of herself. It is precisely there among her weaknesses, her vices, and her falsehoods where the greatest opportunities for improvement can be found and where her desire to be better can have the most positive impact. For this person each one of her defects that seem so far from perfection provide the perfect way to foster her progress. Each obstacle to perfection in her personality that can be removed represents one more step forward on the path to eternal life.

A person who lives the will of God is actively working to make the plans of the Father for the universe – and for herself – a reality. Such a person understands that she is a valuable citizen of the universe and her efforts echo with the efforts of all human, morontial, and spiritual creatures to make the universes of space and time more like the central model of perfection, – Paradise. Such a person feels a burning desire to do something for her peers and knows that each being she helps to be closer to the light will be another pair of hands that will contribute to a higher and more beautiful reality. Because of this, she shares the truths she has discovered without reservations and gives the best of herself to those who seek her counsel, her guidance, or those who can benefit by her example.

A person dedicated to the will of the Father lives a life that expresses this will and becomes a living illustration of love, truth, beauty, and goodness for her neighbors. This person can bring light to the darkest corners of this world through her life, not only with her words but with her example of the benefits and the achievements that are possible through the effort of improving and understanding in a better way her place and her function in the divine plan.

Those persons who are living in such a way today are the pioneers that are opening new ways toward the Father in a jungle of confusion and material appearances. Such lives are sorely needed in this world to provide a living expression of truth and of what is needed to transform a common human being into a perfected creature. These examples will transform the world, because there is nothing more effective at inspiring men and women than observing how one of their siblings with the same resources and in the same conditions can rise beyond her limitations and become a being of light by her own efforts. Such a great gift for the Father, for the universe, and for all creatures, is the one offered by those souls of Urantia who start living as if they already were in an age of light and life, as if they were in the presence of God!”

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Faith is just curiosity tinged with hope — Thought Adjuster.