Oregon, USA, October 11, 2021.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Be an Entry Point.”

Message received by Anyas.

“[T]he measure of your human strength of character is your ability to resist the holding of grudges and your capacity to withstand brooding in the face of deep sorrow. [. . .] Tact is the fulcrum of social leverage, and tolerance is the earmark of a great soul. If you possess these rare and charming gifts, as the days pass you will become more alert and expert in your worthy efforts to avoid all unnecessary social misunderstandings.” [UB, 156:5.17-18]

Thought Adjuster: “In his travels, Jesus presented liberating truth in a palatable form so as to whet the spiritual appetite of his associates. His constant intentions were to facilitate their induction into the kingdom of the hearts — lifetime citizenship acquired by passing many surprise character tests.

Faith issues your green card, but you will only qualify for permanent citizenship once you no longer pose a threat to the heavenly peace of this inner promised land by consistently acting tactfully with your fellow men — especially those who try your patience.

From this perspective, you may wisely step up your half-hearted attendance to the planetary school of hard knocks, which provides you with ever-renewed opportunities to develop great strength of character. Avoidance is not on your side, whereas a diligent offensive on your part yields the cornucopia of the fruits of the spirit — the valuable offerings you will contribute to the festive table of humankind.

You are the first beneficiary of the progress you make toward emotional stability. Become an entry point for the quality of peace that passes all understanding and prevents all misunderstandings. Make generous allowances for your fellows who find themselves at different stages of emotional maturity. Turn challenging interactions into welcome catalysts for character growth. By thanking God for the good that will come out of them, you are coming from a place of gratitude, thus preventing an unfortunate shutdown of your heart that would ostracize you from the fellowship of the open hearts.”

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