Illawarra District, Australia, November 2, 2013.
Midwayer Chief Bzutu (ABC-22).
Subject: “Reset an Inevitability.”

Received by George Barnard.

Bzutu: “There is such a thing as economic sustainability, and it can definitely be achieved by those in charge who have the interest of their voters at heart. It always comes back to your lawmakers to be the ever-watchful monitors keeping bankers and corporations honest and under control. When either or both of the latter become too powerful, or when the political side and judiciary become too weak, any chance at all for life to remain or become equitable for all sides will be rendered slim or non-existent.

“As greater (celestial) minds than ours survey the status quo in the Western world, as well as in some places in the East, we hear the day to day mindsets to be found resembling more and more those of the Kabuki Theatres, Wild West shows, or gambling casinos. Equitability is no longer present as an ever larger percentage of the population finds itself in poverty, jobless, desperate, and clueless as to which way to turn, while media ad infinitum provides them with red herrings on the ‘improving stability’ of their economies.

“A continent-wide reset, perhaps the world-wide reset, of such desperately out-of-proportion-financial circumstances of the haves and have-nots must and will sooner or later occur. It is hoped that on this occasion the lawmakers, worldwide, will have the gumption, the strength and the know-how to more tightly guide the future of all of their constituents in a fair and even-handed way, so all may feed their families and have a home.

“A reset is something to aim for, to work on, and pray for, as well as outright and forcefully demanding it from those placed in positions of power by none other than your selves. There is, however, a more important goal to be achieved for those who see themselves as the common people. Stay with your moral values. Do not see yourself slipping, like the lawmakers with their votes for sale to those with the funds that can change their greedy minds.

“Do not turn on those who are different, those of color, or those with weaker minds, like the constabulary now often preys upon those less able to defend themselves. Do not change the rules like the judiciary justifies almost anything illegal and inhuman to achieve ultimate control. As a mere mortal on the long road to perfection in determining your actions, always question if they contain truth, beauty and goodness to the fullest degree they can so contain these.

“In time, a reset of mores and morals will be inevitable, and hopefully this will be the case for those long tempted to change the rules at a whim. We all would like to see you come out quite unscathed from these unsettled times to come, yes, with a clean slate, having remembered that all are equal in His eyes, and having dealt with all in an even-handed way. I am ABC-22, I say thank you, and Adieu.”

George: “Thank you Chief.”

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