Alabama, US of A, April 2, 2014.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Leaders”

Message received by Oscar. 

Thought Adjuster: “A life dedicated to the Father is the greatest aspiration of God's followers. By learning to abandon themselves, they become the leaders of their peers. This is a new type of leadership. It is not the traditional leadership that depends on social position, power, or wealth. It is a leadership based on characteristics that are materially imperceptible but are real and exert a powerful influence on the minds of their followers.

The true leader is the one who shows the way to their peers while walking it. They lead from the front, discovering experiences and sharing what they have learned with those who come after. Similarly, an honest leader acknowledges the need for help from those who are further ahead. A wise leader remains forever as a loyal follower, a faithful and sincere disciple.

In this world, there have been very few leaders who promote the highest values of humanity. The reason for this lack of real leadership is that most leaders, especially in this age, are concerned with manipulating people to obtain things that benefit only the leader or their group. These leaders only seek their own gain and are not interested in truly helping their peers or the consequences their actions have on other people or the future.

A true leader is one who always inspires the best in their followers. This leader does not seek their own benefit because they understand that the well-being of all always produces their own well-being. This leader seeks to elevate those who follow them so that they become better human beings. This leader regards each of their followers as their brothers, even as their own children, and loves them as they are. Therefore, their main motivation is the happiness of their followers and to turn them into elevated human beings who can express the best of their nature, exploring and learning to use their undiscovered potential.

Leaders of this magnitude are what this planet needs to take definitive steps toward the age of light and life. This leadership is only possible when a person has dedicated themselves completely and without reservations to discovering the purpose of their existence and expressing the will of the Father for their own life. This is the only way to progressively achieve perfection and live an inspiring life for the purest and sincerest aspirations of humanity, which is what will motivate others to emulate the lives of these leaders who are consecrated to the will of God.”

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