A Far-away Lecture Theater
From the Desk of George Barnard — December 6, 2014.

Last night, shortly after 11 pm, I decided to let myself drift into a meditative state. Perhaps one of our many Celestial Friends might decide to talk to us. Perhaps we were simply too tired for a lesson.

Moments after giving a rather violent jolt I found myself in a place I had visited long ago for a pep talk on one occasion, for some urgent information at another time. I knew these open lecture theaters were located on Mansonia One. Rectangular in shape, made from massive blocks of blue stone, these theaters have no roofs or ceilings. For a moment I was alone. Then three teachers walked in, immediately followed by about 60 students.

In the past I often wondered about such students’ different heights — from barely 2’6” to almost 8’ tall. More surprising was the speed by which they moved into formation. In “no time at all” they partly formed a circle around their lecturer, but they managed to do so without getting into each other’s way. As well, the tiniest of them were in the middle of the front row; the tallest of them in the back row at both ends. There was not one late arrival.

This had to be a random classroom as all wore different tunics that likely identified their home worlds or their particular taste in dress. Undoubtedly they were gifted with some kind of common mind for they found their places so very fast. — like a school of fish all turning at the same time or a flock of birds circling together. I wondered how long this would take on earth and how noisy it would get?

Here in the blue-stone theater, not a sound could be heard. The head teacher undoubtedly was a Melchizedek. He was talking, but I could not hear him speak. The two standing at his left might well have been Melchizedeks also, but there was no one I could ask. No one in that theater, a real Akashic hall, could see me, and now I finally concluded that only my Thought Adjuster was present and I had not moved.

Apart from a screen to the head teacher’s right there was not a stick of furniture in that theater. All were standing still the entire time — able-bodied men and women all.

Years ago I told a friend, “when I go to sleep I give a jolt, and then I break into pieces. So much so that you can find bits of me all over the universes.” Such suggestions only created raised eyebrows, I found. In reality, my Thought Adjuster has business to conduct when I sleep, and just sometimes, not very often, I’m apprised of what it’s all about.

And it’s just a small thought from George Barnard.

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