Alabama, US of A, April 3, 2014.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Human Parents”

Message received by Oscar. 

Thought Adjuster: “The decision to devote one's life to the divine will is always a personal and individual decision. However, human parents can do much to illustrate the benefits of living such a life. Human parents who sincerely desire to become better will undoubtedly earn the love and respect of their little ones. This love is the most powerful motivation children will have to follow in their parent's footsteps.

Do you want to know the secret to influencing your little ones in a better way? Love them wholeheartedly and express your love through actions filled with wisdom. Through wise love, you can impose the necessary discipline to prepare them for life's contingencies while maintaining a degree of flexibility that allows abundant opportunities for them to make their own decisions, and even make some mistakes whose outcome can turn into learning opportunities.

When a human being truly loves their fellow beings, they desire for them what they desire for themselves. When this love is guided by the spirit, the person can only wish for their fellow beings to attain perfection and discover a peace that transcends logic in their life experience. This love translates into supreme trust in the person's as-yet undiscovered potential and limitless mercy to understand mistakes, delays, and limitations.

Human parents should aspire to be like their divine Father, granting their children all the trust, love, and opportunities to express the best of themselves while offering guidance when necessary. Imagine the creature of perfection you aspire to become and accept that this same destiny is what you desire for your children. Then, you can show them the things you have learned through the help of your Inner Teacher, the presence of God within you.

The best teacher is the example. Nothing is more illustrative and inspiring than seeing an authentic life dedicated to the pursuit of perfection – the will of the Father. Thus, the things your children may not learn through your explanations, they will discover in your actions and in their relationships with you. Human parents are the representation of the divine Father to their children. Make an effort to represent your Father in heaven well, so that your children may easily discover Him and learn to recognize Him soon.”

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Faith is just curiosity tinged with hope — Thought Adjuster.