Illawarra District, Australia, December 7, 2016.
The Damascus Scribe (Sananda).
Subject: “Multitudinous Factors and the Paradise Savior.”

Message received by George Barnard.

The Scribe: “The answers to your questions are yes, yes, yes, yes and yes. And I have not yet answered them all. The difficulties that befell the primitive Urantia communities were many and even if we were to discuss them all in a day, though we are likely to need more time than that, we would not cover them all. In truth, my friend, there were and are multitudinous factors.

“For untold millennia Celestials of all kinds have observed your races and determined it to become likely you would lose headway, inbreed more and offer an ever-growing number of regressives to the total pool. It was quite agreed the Melchizedeks should have their way and the Urantia communities should be forcefully finalized. Michael disagreed and He was right. So there you have my first ‘yes.’ You are winning, although slowly.

“Before the inauguration of your Planetary Prince, Caligastia, there were local wars and regular skirmishes. In later bringing the clever and enterprising of the races together in Dalamatia and sending them back to their communities as fair leaders, reduced the instances of inter-tribal wars. With Caligastia’s betrayal came more unrest but now more of you are against wars. Yes, world peace is now more likely.

“On regular worlds where Adamic input is normal and thorough, the population becomes quite uniform in a comparatively short time, more progressive, cooperative and frankly more easily adjusted to the fair and honest world governments they themselves appoint. A common language is a great help towards achieving common goals. Here an advance is somewhat halted, but yes, there is marginal progress to date, my dear friend.

“There is so much in the way of naturally evolved religions in this world, so much man-made belief on the mere wisp of spiritual input. You Urantians need to become more appreciative of yourselves for the fact that you believe in anything at all that you cannot see, hear or touch. For long enough have you been condemned for hearing voices when Celestials spoke with you. Yes, Monjoronson will come, he will be here and be a divine Brother and Teacher to you all.

“Some will continue to adhere to the fable that Urantia can support merely 500 million total — elites and their choices of virtually uneducated slaves. Their program will be initiated and then it will fail. Many of the Satanic ones will be lost but many more will be converted in time as your Paradise Savior will have His impact on you all with His God-given Talents for Truth, His much needed Teachings of Beauty and His undeniable Credo of Goodness, for He will bring you the Father’s Love.

“I Am the Damascus Scribe. Pleased to answer your questions so many can plan their future in service to your Gods.”

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