Chicago, US of A, April 9, 2015.
Teacher Prolotheos.
Subject: “Human Interchanges — Tools for the Human Brotherhood.”

Message received by Valdir Soares.

Prolotheos: “Before Urantia is ushered into the era of Light and Life, it is necessary to create a real Human Brotherhood on your planet. Jesus of Nazareth called this the Human Brotherhood of the “Kingdom of God” for the lack of a better term for the Jews of His time. Paul, the apostle, mistakenly called it “the Church” or “the Body of Christ” made up exclusively of Christians, therefore not really a Human Brotherhood. The Human Brotherhood is both spiritual and social because first of all, it is made of human beings living in society and secondly, it is spiritual because it is based on the Fatherhood of the One God — Father of All. Human interchange will help the Human Brotherhood become a Urantia reality.

“Economic Interchange. Money is a great human drive. On it depends the material development of your civilization and for it people travel the world back and forth. Commercial trade has always being an effective civilizer: the desire for money will make human beings disregard cultural and religious differences — even adapt to them in order to maximize their profit. Merchant people are great missionaries, advertising their products, but also trading cultural and religious viewpoints. They not only brought their influences, but they likewise were influenced. Commercial trade contributes to peace among nations.

“Cultural Interchange. Culture is the collective repository of artistic, scientific and social values of a given people or society. The interchange of these values will teach individuals of one nation to know and appreciate the culture of others. Most wars come from fear, and ignorance is the mother of all fears. Mutual knowledge among nations will greatly diminish the suspicions of origin in ignorance. Your Nobel Awards are a noble initiative in this field, as are the periodic Olympic Games. Much can still be done by the more advanced nations in the scientific field by their sharing progress in medicine and technology as well as in education, through an increase in students’ exchange programs and international scholarships.

“Religious Interchange. The interchange in the religious arena is yet very poor on Urantia. It is in need of a major ecumenical stimulus — one that is beyond the organizational level, bringing actual cooperative service towards pressing human needs. Religious interchange will only become a reality on your planet when major religions acknowledge both the universal fatherhood of God, and the brotherhood of all humans beings, based on the former. These sentiments are already present in humanity and in most of the individuals that have a religious inclination. They need, however, a unifying initiative through association with human beings — not through associations with organizations and institutions.

“Therefore, my pupil, concentrate your efforts on the religious aspect in disseminating your influence with others. Without proselytism, however, but by showing no prejudice so you will inhibit the otherwise likely prejudice in others. Preach and live the universal aspects of the Gospel taught and lived by Jesus of Nazareth for that is lacking of the "-isms" that religions, sects and cults advocate. No change will happen overnight. Social and religious changes will not advance at the pace of technology in your world, although it has been faster since the Renaissance. Evolution also rules these aspects of human life. And evolution, although it is tremendously efficient, unceremoniously takes its time.

“I am Prolotheos, your Teacher and Tutor on High. Peace be with you all.”

Edited by Linda Abell.

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