Chicago, US of A, March 12, 2015.
Teacher Prolotheos.
Subject: “Things to Know about Evil”

Message Received by Valdir Soares.

Prolotheos: “Evil is exceedingly bewildering for human beings on Urantia. Most of you conceive of evil as being the opposite of God, and you wonder how evil and God can co-exist. Such a contrasting view is understandable — God, being your highest value of goodness — but it is incorrect. There is no comparison between the unique and infinite person that is God and anything else. Evil is not the opposite of good. Evil has its origin in creatures and is, in fact, a negation of the goodness of God revealed in His will. Therefore, evil has no bona fide origin. Consider these basic concepts about evil:

“Evil exists, but it is not enduring. Philosophically speaking, it could be said that evil exists, but is not ontologically real. It exists, but it lacks enduring reality substance because only that which primarily originates in God has bona fide reality and is endowed with enduring existence. Evil brings in itself the seed of rebellion against God and the consequent destruction of itself. Also, it could be said that evil is an aberration of the goodness of God. Goodness is expression of God's nature, but evil has no nature. Evil is devoid of substance. Evil is just ‘un-reality’ in progress — the non-being becoming unreal.

“To be effective, evil must be embraced. God created humans by granting them the faculty of will. Human free will actually is free and sovereign only to determine the individual’s eternal destiny: with God by choosing to do the will of God, or without God (as if never having been) by rejecting the will of God and having embraced the non-reality of evil. Evil, if left to itself, can be devastating and certainly will destroy even those that identify themselves with it. It may not always appear aesthetically ugly. It is, however, always eternally spiritually fatal, when ultimately embraced by the individual.

“Evil succumbs before faith. Faith in God is an invulnerable spiritual shield. Evil cannot ever penetrate it. Faith guards your mind and protects your soul. Faith is believing in the spiritual and in the eternal beyond your earthly life. Faith is desiring being with God accompanied by a sincere and constant striving for doing the will of God. Faith is not theological accuracy. It is about sincerity and the certainty of eternal values — even if these values may be misrepresented by the individual’s religious confession. Evil can never prevail over a believer that has chosen to wholeheartedly believe in his God.

“So, my pupil, do not fear evil. Your planet was tainted by evil with the Lucifer Rebellion and it is still encrusted in your civilization, through supposed sovereign and independent nations, preventing your world to act as one, as the human race is one, and instigating endless wars between the nations. However, God’s Bestowal Plan through His divine and Paradise Sons is functional on Urantia and will ultimately render ineffective these evil residues of the Lucifer Rebellion and it will ensue the enduring reality of the Kingdom of God promised by Jesus of Nazareth.

“I am Prolotheos, your Tutor-Teacher on High. Peace be with you.”

Edited by Linda Abell.

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