Oregon, USA, April 30, 2023.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Reflections on the Gifts of Pentecost – Part 2”.

Message received by Anyas.

“Jesus lived on earth and taught a gospel which redeemed man from the superstition that he was a child of the devil and elevated him to the dignity of a faith son of God. Jesus’ message, as he preached it and lived it in his day, was an effective solvent for man’s spiritual difficulties on that day of its statement. And now that he has personally left the world, he sends in his place his Spirit of Truth, who is designed to live in man and, for each new generation, to restate Jesus’s message so that every new group of mortals to appear upon the face of the earth shall have a new and up-to-date version of the gospel, just such personal enlightenment and group guidance as will prove to be an effective solvent for man’s ever-new and varied spiritual difficulties.” [UB, 194:2.1]

Thought Adjuster: “A new facet of Jesus’ Spirit of Truth caught your attention: the fact that it is highly adaptable — never stale, stagnant, or irrelevant. The Spirit of Truth is alive and well, providing insights into troublesome predicaments and enlightening man’s thinking when puzzled by the occurrence of unprecedented developments.

Yours is to turn within and lend your heart’s inner ears to its input. Indeed, it is a Spirit of love and truth—never expressing a denatured and hurtful truth blended with toxic feelings of anger as it often occurs in interhuman interactions.

The Spirit of Truth may confront your immature ego with its honest and straightforward input intent on elevating you toward the next psychic circle of your spiritual evolution. Isn’t it amazing that Jesus’ personal and glorious ascension to the Father became a gateway for your own ascension, provided you follow the leadings of his truthful ambassador?

The Spirit of Truth brings clarity to your mind, enlightening your soul. The ah-ha moments it yields in its wake are celebratory, as its truth is liberating. Through this wonderful spiritual application, you are connected to your ‘savior’ who delivers you from the fetters of lies, deception, disempowerment, lack of confidence, despair, and resignation.

Jesus’ revolutionary pronouncement to the generation of his human incarnation was that they were children of God, not offspring of the devil. He admonished them to love one another and themselves.

What does your generation need to hear from the ever-progressive Spirit of Truth in these trying times of great spiritual confusion, where the dark forces seem to relentlessly conceive new iniquitous schemes to keep this world in a state of turmoil and instability?

It is by responding to the positive inner prompts of the Spirit of Truth that you will pioneer a world profuse in hope, love, and light—the promised land heralded by Jesus.”

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