Alabama, US of A, April 17, 2014.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “The Faith of Jesus”

Message received by Oscar. 

Thought Adjuster: “The faith of Jesus allowed him to face very painful situations without falling into discouragement and despair because he lived with confidence in the Father's care and His infinite love and mercy. Jesus knew very well that nothing could truly happen to him and that his life was in the hands of his Father; therefore, nothing and no one could take it from him. Thus, he knew how to face death as one who knows that after the bitter drink of today, the spiritual rewards of tomorrow await.

This certainty is available to all human beings who decide to nurture their faith and make it dynamic and alive. Although you live in this world and are in some way subject to its ups and downs, you can be assured that what you truly are will never end and that every challenge you face during your life can be overcome with the Father's help. No matter how great the problem or how immense the suffering, for those who have a living faith, the hope of a better future is a reality.

Now consider, how would you live your life if fear were not the main force driving your decisions? Fear can be deceptive. Many who consider themselves brave are true slaves to their fears and unfounded anxieties. He who fears facing his enemies head-on is afraid, but this is just one form of fear. Fear also manifests in those who constantly strive to present a false image of themselves for fear of not being accepted by others. Those who don’t express their opinion because they don’t want to go against the majority's ideas also fear. Those who don’t defend what is right to avoid ridicule and shame also fear. Those who fight to maintain their social, political, or economic status to have an advantage over their peers are full of fear. Those who are full of distrust and do not let their brothers and sisters into their hearts to share their affection and friendship are also afraid.

Fear is one of the greatest and most widespread evils in this world. It is perhaps a consequence of the orphaned life that many have lived due to the consequences of planetary isolation. However, the relationship of mortal children with their Creator Father has never been interrupted. None of you were ever abandoned, and the Father himself cares for you, guides you, and offers you the inspiration and comfort you most need. There is nothing to fear. Your lives will never end if you so desire. Your position in God's family has never been compromised. There is nothing you can do to displease the Father and make him abandon you. This simply is not possible. But there is much you can do to draw closer to God, learn to know Him, and experience His friendship and divine love. It is simply your desire to find the Father that promotes the great changes that will eventually make you exalted beings like God.”

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Faith is just curiosity tinged with hope — Thought Adjuster.