Illawarra District, Australia, April 29, 2012.
Mentori Spokesperson.
Subject: “A Lesson About Healing.”

Received by George Barnard.

Mentor: “Critique about healing, including not-necessarily-positive additional comments from this receiver, has initiated discussion among the members of this group of Mentors -- Mentori as we are often referred to. Recently I spoke with you about humility and energy, and this -- lesson you might call it -- deals with energy of a kind, and in such instances I place my name up for election to speak. Energy is what I like, and healing always was my forté.

“The need for healing always either fully, or in some major way, deals with the mind, deals with thought and therefore deals with energy. It is so that if you can clearly think your thoughts, you can heal and also be a healer. Here I direct my words at J. (a friend and subscriber) to suggest that early in the process of stilling your mind you politely request of the Creator of All to be allowed to connect with the person you wish to heal.

“All of us, high and low, are the Creator’s beloved children, so it would hardly do to suspect your request will be denied. Carry on now and imagine the person to be healed being in front of you. Wish for him or her to be healed. Imagine the individuals on a bed, ready to receive the treatment you are to give them. Stretch out your arms, palms down over the patients. See in your mind the energy, the light, coming from you, and healing their condition.

“Your thoughts, your wish to heal, has energy, has body, is real, and it cannot escape because you have unerringly directed it to perform its task. The fact that you are likely to be a great distance away from your patient matters not one iota. Your thoughts are the product of mind, which produced these thoughts, but Mother Spirit is the Source of all mind. There is not in any of our universes a power, physical or otherwise, which can compete with mind.

“Consider, my friend, there is nothing in creature existence as basic as to be able to nurture and heal. At the same time there is not a creature as lowly, whilst concurrently as exalted, as the human offspring of the Creator, for as you are a body of mere dust of the earth, you are too a spirit reality of Creator origin. Claim your heritage and creator-like abilities to heal all manner of ills, my dear human friends, insistently, yet in humility.

“How fortunate I am to be given the chance to speak with you again so soon. We are Mentori and we salute you. Adieu.”

George: “I thank all you Mentori, and Midwayer Mathew for kindly facilitating this contact.”

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