The Thought Adjuster transmission set out below is randomly taken from a daily devotional named “The Guiding Light Within.”

A Most Wondrous And Fascinating Journey.

The deepest longings of your heart are known to Me; the self-appointed Fragment from the Creator. That ‘niggling something,’ as you call it, is your desire to be totally consumed by My love.

Unconditional love is so sadly lacking on your planet, and you, too, were raised with only conditional love. This merely stems from the fact that your parents were raised in the same way, and they could not know the difference in those days.

The great and glorious news is that all the shortcomings -- all the leftovers from the Lucifer Rebellion -- such as fear, hate, greed, jealousy, and more, are now slowly diminishing, as the inauguration of the Time of Correction has started. A welcome new age has begun to show its fruits in the hearts and souls and minds of mortals everywhere.

The grace of the Creator, through your universe Master Son, Michael, better known on your planet as Jesus the Christ, has instituted this great and glorious plan.

Believe it, My child, all shall eventually grow into a desire to find their own Fragment of God, so patiently waiting inside of them, as their urges are growing into strong desires, yet always depending on their free will.

This needs to be stressed.

Surely, each thinking and feeling mortal’s yearning will be answered when they turn within the Silence of their heart, for all they have to do is ask wholeheartedly and sincerely, and they, too, shall be filled with God’s grace, to hunger no more.

Truly, life in the mortal estate can become a most wondrous and fascinating journey, simply by one’s uplifting of the thought processes.

Enjoy this unending journey, dear one, for there is no hurry.

All eternity is waiting.

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