A Non-physical Component -- (Part Two of Two).

Alabama, US of A, December 9, 2010.
Unknown Teacher.
Subject: “A Non-physical Component” -- (Part Two of Two).

Received by Oscar.

Teacher: “Without faith, this spiritual component of the human being remains a mystery. Nothing is known about its origin or function, as you likewise don’t know anything about your origin and destiny. However, through faith you can choose to believe that it is God who lives in you. You can give a chance to this idea and start to seriously explore this aspect of yourself. The good thing is that once you have dedicated your time to this endeavor, many things will happen to reinforce this undertaking, increasing your intuition and spiritual discernment. Then, what was once just a leap of faith becomes a certainty, the supreme experience of the human life – to discover our Celestial Father, the Creator of the universe, within ourselves and to start to become like Him. This is how a human being can escape from the chains of the material world and become more real and spiritual, even while living in this world.

“These are the major steps in the journey of a mortal towards spiritual achievement:

  • “The mortal receives a Thought Adjuster. The Thought Adjuster starts to motivate the creature to consider spiritual realities.
  • “The mortal experiences for the first time spiritual curiosity.
  • “At some point, the mortal decides to overcome doubts and to explore spirituality. The Thought Adjuster starts to attempt to answer his questions. This is a level few attain in this world since it requires independent thinking and moving beyond what is traditionally considered to be religion.
  • “The mortal is slowly gaining certitude that there is something beyond the physical and she (or he) starts to receive answers to her questions. She starts to experience ‘spiritual hunger’, and starts receiving according to her potential and her level of spiritual attainment. Here the mortal realizes that something is changing inside of her, and her spiritual hunger inspires in her the desire to be better, to emulate the perfection that she considers to be worthy of God. She starts to adore.
  • “A transformation is observed in the mortal creature. He is increasingly more identified and in harmony with the divine presence and with the will of the Father. Unconditional love starts to be expressed through the mortal. The Thought Adjuster has more power to influence in the decisions of the mortal due to an intelligent submission to the will of God. The mortal becomes co-creative and contributes more actively to the universal experience – the Supreme – and to the actual manifestation of the potentiality of the Father’s will.
  • “The Thought Adjuster determines that the mortal has reached such a level of alignment with Him that there is no possibility of discrepancies under any situation in eternity. The fusion with the Thought Adjuster occurs. The mortal is one with the Creator and becomes immortal, eternal and on the path to perfection. The details of aligning the human will with the divine will have been satisfied. This new being is now prepared to start the long journey to better understand the universe and deity. This journey will bring this new being back to the Source, the origin, the presence of God. From there on, the perfected human being will continue discovering and experiencing new expressions of deity while actively participating in the creation of new realities.”


The end of “A Non-physical Component” Part Two of Two.

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You lit a Flame, and it will become a Raging Fire—ABC-22.


A Non-physical Component -- (Part One of Two)

Alabama, US of A, December 9, 2010.
Unknown Teacher.
Subject: “A Non-physical Component” -- (Part One of Two).

Received by Oscar.

Teacher: “The universe as a system, and in its totality, cannot be satisfactorily understood without consideration of the will of the Father, the creative power behind everything; the primordial cause. In their mortal lives, humans are always limited by the capacity of their senses, the reach of their experiences as a species, and the level of their faith. When faith is limited, the universe becomes incomprehensible, mysterious, and even dangerous to the human mind that wants to understand.

“Sometime in the future, human beings in this sphere will reach the limits of their understanding of the universe. There will always be things that cannot be imagined by the mortal mind, because they involve ways of contemplation that the human mind cannot ‘digest’. This is not clear to you now, and the reason is that it is impossible for you to imagine a situation completely different to all your experiences and what you think of as true. For example, the existence of different time frames, and different living beings in those time frames, is something you may accept by faith, but you cannot really understand this, because you have not experienced moving across such time frames. Similarly, there are many things in universal reality that will never enter into the minds or the imagination of mortal creatures, and these will have to wait to be discovered during the next stage of existence.

“A lot of what you collectively know today is due to what you have observed with your five senses. Even your scientific instruments are just extensions of those senses to perceive things that normally would go unnoticed. It is not difficult to image that there may be other stimuli that can only be perceived with senses you don’t posses. How might you design experiments to observe that which you don’t even suspect to exist? How might you design devices to search for something you are not looking for?

“The impulse to search for the truth belongs to a sense that has not yet been cataloged by humanity. Every normal person in this world has wondered about the existence of God and has felt an impulse to ask the important questions: What is the purpose of life? Why am I here? Some concern their selves with these things more than do others, but all have pondered these questions at some point during their lives.

“It is not possible for you to transcend the senses you posses. It is not possible to feel something that cannot be perceived by your senses. Therefore, these impulses to explore spirituality, that have little to do with our immediate life, or our survival instincts, provide a hint that there is more in you than that which can be enumerated by a physical exam. There is a non-physical component in you that allows you to transcend the physical – to see yourself ‘from the outside’ -- and ask those puzzling questions.”

The end of “A Non-physical Component,” Part One of Two.

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Why Would I Stop Now?

Chicago, US of A, May 17, 2012.
Teacher: The Spirit Within.
Subject: “Why Would I Stop Now?”

Received by Valdir Soares.

Valdir: “My Spirit Within, please teach me about the situation I am in right now.”

Spirit Within: “You are the subject of my endeavors in this world. I have cared for you all your life since you first managed to discern right from wrong. Why would I stop now? Am I then as capricious as humans sometimes are? I assure you I am not. I am aware of your anxieties, my child; however, they are yours, not mine. I do not fear the future. I project the future for you. I have a plan for your life, which I have followed in detail. Look back at your journey so far. Can you see my doing in much of what happened to you? Indeed, I was there, and at each important crossroads in your life I guided you towards the best path to take. Why would I stop now?

“Again and again I have told you to not be afraid, for I am with you. At times my messages didn’t reach your awareness, but they certainly reached your soul, and you benefited from the assurance I gave you during all these years I have been with you. Just keep following my guidance in the best way you can, and I will take you there, to give you what we both long for: our eternal union in one new being.

“I am from the Father, and since He never changes, neither will I. Only your changing your mind, and refusing me in your life, would cause me to leave you. However, this clearly is not the case; and I trust it never will be. Time after time you have expressed your love for me, and renewed your promise to follow me. So do I promise, for we follow each other – you follow my guidance, and I have stayed with you through all your decisions and situations, to help you along the way, because I know one day our wills be attuned to each other, so later we can both become fused as one.

“You are my chosen one, dear child. I wouldn’t change now, and I will never change in my love and purpose for you. Trust me; I know what I am doing. Don’t be afraid, because again, I am with you.”

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A Collection Point (The Sea of Glass)

A Collection Point (The Sea of Glass).
From the desk of George Barnard – June 4, 2012.

There was this lengthy period – from about 1972 until 1996 – when I could not have told you what the Midway Realm was, or even what a Midwayer could possibly be. I was without reference of any kind for all of those 24 odd years – no Urantia Book that I had come across in Australia -- until November of 1996.

          Prior to that time, my four “other-dimensional” 11:11 friends – Chief Bzutu, Andrea, Sharmon and Dr. Mendoza – were thought of as “Spirit Guides” living in the “Halfway Realm.” And whilst we worked exceedingly well as a team of inter-species healers in my clinic, and in the rescue of near-bankrupt companies, our level of communication left a lot to be desired, for much of it was on an intuitive level, not an auditory level.
          Many of my questions were answered in picture form, and this continued long after I obtained a pre-loved Urantia Book for just a single Aussie dollar. All of my birthdays had arrived at once!
          Then one day I questioned the sea of glass, but rather than it showing up to be clear or white, it was black and glistening when I was shown. It was huge; hundreds of acres in size so it seemed.
          Suddenly it looked like a snowstorm was happening there, but the snow was not falling down. It was materializing on the sea of glass and moving upwards. Obviously, it was hardly snow. Each “snowflake” was a Transporter Angel, and all of them taking off at micro-second intervals.
          This made me realize I was being shown a Collection Point on a mansion world somewhere in space, not on this world, for this world alone could not support such an enormous 'airport' of activity.
          The transporters were ferrying people’s souls to and from many, many worlds.

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A Lesson on Grace and Mercy

Urantia, May 31, 2012. (date of transcription).
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “A Lesson on Grace and Mercy.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Dear one, allow me to offer a few words on the subject of grace and mercy. You often pray and give thanks for God’s grace and mercy, but do you really know what this means? Grace is the experience of life itself; being able to do as you please because God gave you the free will gift of making choices and decisions. By the grace of God, you are a free-willed creature. This gift is bestowed upon you so you may choose to make the right choices and follow His will on the road towards perfection. God only desires that you come to this decision, so that you wholeheartedly, and without coercion from anyone, church, state, or significant others, will make up your mind to follow Him. This is the grace bestowed upon each human being, and it needs to be more widely understood.

“Too many people still depend upon a worldly hierarchy to lead them towards the correct way of living. Much damage can be done in following blindly any precept or dogma set before you without examining if this feels right in your heart. So often you were told that a Spark of God lives right inside of you to teach you the correct way if you will but listen to that Still Small Voice. Even your perceived wrong doing with related guilt feelings are looked upon as learning experiences which will ultimately gain you your personal wisdom. This is a necessary requirement; experience in life is needed so you may learn right from wrong. It is purely God’s mercy which allows you to experience this and so, by repentance of your ways, you obtain the mercy you seek in God’s unconditional forgiveness.

“Related to this is forgiveness of yourself and all others, for these go hand in hand. There is much healing and cleansing contained in true forgiveness, because when you forgive others, you also practice grace and mercy. This is very important to remember, because grace and mercy are tied together with love and love is the ultimate energy in the universe. It is the glue that holds everything together. Good will towards each other is love, mercy and grace in expression. This is what makes the world go round in a balancing and stabilizing fashion. In looking around you, it does not take much to perceive how much the world is out of balance. This is also due to the negative thought-forms being entertained by unawakened ones and the ones with less honorable intentions. Thought energy is very real and most powerful.

“You need to remember that when you receive mercy, you also bestow mercy upon all others, because what you send out even in thought-form, comes back to you a thousand fold. To be gracious and merciful, means to have a loving and charitable attitude towards all you meet. This helps clear the atmosphere which at present goes through very confusing times. They are the masses who can control the atmosphere by their thinking. None of you have really tapped deeply into the power of your minds, so you are subject to the whims and whiles of negative influences. Wake up to the reality that you all are much beloved children of the same Creator and do allow Him more space in your lives so you can learn first-hand the meaning of Grace and Mercy. Does this sound simple enough to you? Then please, think about the meaning of it all and give it strength through practice.”

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Try coming out of the shadows, a little at the time—TA.