First Contact.


An Akashic Construct Participant writes:

The other day, after having exercised the first two tracks for a couple of weeks, I decided to try the Akashic Construct, and I had an interesting experience.

I decided that I would like to meet with a Celestial, so I pushed the button and a beautiful lady arrived in the elevator. She had long blond hair, beautiful eyes, and she was dressed in a blue dress, with a silver thing, somewhat like a crown, around her head.

When I saw her, her beauty enchanted me, and I sensed warm energy moving through my body. I welcomed her and we started talking, and she told me her name. She told me that her name was Alvira, and that it was a Latin name. After that, I started losing my concentration. I could barely visualize her, and the room. I told her that I could not continue the conversation any longer, and I said goodbye and she left.
Later, I searched the Internet for the name, Alvira, and I found that it is indeed a female name, and a Latin one, and it means “The fair one”!


George: There are some Adamic-looking Midwayers, and Alvira appears to be one of these.

Participant’s response to the recent submission, “Fixing a Gunshot Wound.”

I replied to this one, and asked (my Celestial Friends), "Is this for real? Can we bring about this kind of healing in the Akashic Construct?" Then I would hope to become that good at it, too, and help create healings of this magnitude.

And then I heard while typing this just now, "Oh ye of little faith." -- from me of little faith, who shall pray for more faith.

George: Yes, it works well. I’ve been doing that kind of thing for years.

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