Urantia, January 19, 2012.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Sharing.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Are you ready to take some dictation? It has been a while in coming as a few days ago you aborted a message from Me halfway through, as you realized that your own thoughts were intruding. I am not going to dispute this as you are in charge of what you are allowing the come through what you hear, and so we make a new attempt if you are willing to ‘stand back’ and share your mind with Me for a few moments.

“The term ‘sharing’ is very important in its connotation, as sharing can be done in so many different ways, especially in relationships. Usually you share all your time, and generally you don’t even consider how you share your hours.

“You share with others when you are out and about, either walking, or driving, or whatever activity you engage in, be it with family, friends, in activities of daily living, work, sports, and more.

“The sharing upon which I would like to shine a spotlight is the sharing of the inner life with your eternal on-board Partner -- the living Spark from God which indwells all normal minded humans. That still small Voice is at most times hardly heard, for not many mortals have as yet acquired the habit of gifting themselves with some Stillness/Silence meditation during their daily lives. Therefore, they can have scant concepts of how they would be blessed, and become more peaceful in their daily doings, just by ‘being’ for a while.

“It is advantageous for the mind to take a hiatus from the busy-ness of life to sit back, in not only an opening prayer, but then also for long enough to ‘hear’ an answer. This is truly sharing the inner life with the God of your being, which can become so much a part of you that no one will be able to tell where you or I begin or leave off, as this is our destiny together, if you so will this.

“It is the secret of the ages that each man and woman with their personal God belong together. It has not too frequently been put to the test to know for oneself how wonderful a close connection to the Universal Creator can be -- to be able to just freely converse with the inner Spark from God and heed the words and admonitions of the Divine. Many pitfalls could be avoided as this personal Mystery Monitor would always point the way towards further soul development.

“Soul development truly is the only function of earthly life and the garnering of wisdom for eternal life which is only to be had through life’s experiences. However, human free will is mandatory in all choosing, it is totally up to each one how they conduct themselves through this foundational life, and how much they share their inner life with their on-board Partner.

“Consider in your comings and goings during the day how much you can share with Me. This would truly lift your mind above the humdrum of living. Life would become more meaningful, and take on a far richer hue, as almost automatically you would seek to do God’s will, so you would share your innate gifts of love and friendship with God. This would enrich life exponentially, and what joy this can be for both of us!

“A God-centered life is a life well-lived.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
You lit a Flame, and it will become a Raging Fire—ABC-22.