Muchas Serán Las Bendiciones

Urantia, Mayo 18, 2021.
Maestro: El Amado.
Tema: “Muchas Serán Las Bendiciones.”

Mensaje recibido por Lytske.

El Amado: “Disfruta el Silencio Conmigo. Es la recompensa para aquellos quien persisten en Buscarme, y cuando Me encuentran, ellos también experimentarán esta increíble paz que es el bálsamo para el alma, lo cual calma el sistema humano.

“Muchas serán las bendiciones que espera un alma, quien diligentemente cada día aparta tiempo para venir a Mi sin expectativas, aun sabiendo que en este estar junto a Mí, un lazo inquebrantable se fortalecerá cada día más.

“La personalidad humana obtiene un fruto de un mayor balance armonioso dentro de sí misma, porque se vuelve más y más consciente de la presencia radiante del Dios eterno al interior.

“Esto puede y necesita ser experimentado por todos los mortales. Durante ese proceso se darán cuenta que, debido a su Fragmento de Dios en su interior, se están volviendo inmortales mientras aún están en la carne.

“Esta seguridad nadie puede quitarla, pues una vez obtenida, nunca será olvidada.

“Esta es la fe que espera por todas las cosas buenas y soporta las cosas malas, pues las cosas materiales son pasajeras y pasarán, mientras que los valores eternos permanecerán.

“Descansa en esta seguridad, ten paz y comulga más Conmigo en el Silencio, pues Yo soy tu Pareja Prometida*, quien vive en ti y se mueve en ti, como tu vives y te mueves en Mi. Mientras estamos juntos, somos uno.”

*Nota del Traductor: En el párrafo final, se traduce Betrothed, como Pareja Prometida con el fin de darle un aspecto universal al mensaje. El término hace referencia a la promesa de compromiso entre los hijos y las hijas de familias que se conocían desde hace mucho tiempo.

Traducido por Oscar Escobar.

© Grupo de Progreso 11:11.
Yo Soy La Satisfacción de Tu Alma — El Amado Interior. Tienda 11:11

Jesus’ Subtle Spiritual Guidance

Oregon, USA, December 18, 2020.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Jesus’ Subtle Spiritual Guidance.”

Message received by Anyas.

“It should not be the aim of kingdom believers literally to imitate the outward life of Jesus in the flesh but rather to share his faith; to trust God as he trusted God and to believe in men as he believed in men.” [UB 196:1.5]

Thought Adjuster: “Jesus was an accomplished young man who gathered practical experience in many domains: wood-working, tent-making, weaving, boat-building, fishing, scribing, interpreting, teaching, healing, and more. He never turned down any opportunity to acquire new skills. The most outstanding spiritual teacher of all was in continuous training.

“It is your unique personality traits, skills, and talents that hold the clues about your particular life calling. If you tried to imitate Jesus’ outward life, you would probably be doomed for failure and disappointment, as your unique talents may lay somewhere else. You would then need another savior to remove you from such sticky predicaments.

“All that you have to emulate is Jesus’ inward life — his ‘heart-titude.’ The saving grace of his life lies in the inspirational and innovative ways he responded to any challenging situation — coming up and modeling surprisingly positive reactional patterns.

“How was he able to accomplish so much solo? Centuries later, you still benefit from the legacy of his shining example — a privilege he did not have as a spiritual pioneer. His force resided in his faith. His go-to, for lack of human partners operating at his level, was his indwelling divine Fragment.

“You, too, can tremendously benefit from the life-coaching of your divine Indweller, who remains on standby until you acknowledge Its inconspicuous presence and accept Its proffered generous assistance.

“Jesus’ Spirit of Truth, the motherly Holy Spirit, and your loyal guardian angels are shadowing you — or rather illuminating your mind with their subliminal input to help you follow the inward and Godward trail blazed by Jesus for all to follow.

“Worship was the reliable gateway that Jesus used to connect with the highest spiritual guidance available to him. It is where he wishes for you to emulate him.”

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His Gift Of Immeasurable Value

Illawarra District, Australia, October 17, 2009.
Midwayer Chief Bzutu (ABC-22).
Subject: “His Gift Of Immeasurable Value.”

Received by George Barnard.

Bzutu: “You have these enormous time constraints, and although from the moment of our birth, we Midwayers have the option of eternal life, physically unchanged, right throughout the Mansion Worlds to Jerusem, we well understand your limitations to achieve in this life. What we do not understand is why so few of you ever attempt to attain what is most important in this life – spiritual growth through service – when myriad opportunities abound.

“Our personal discussions have covered your general lack of Adamic inheritance, and we want to say no more of this at present. We also cannot concern ourselves with the ease of living on regular worlds, because here is where we are to face life. However, the opportunities created for this world, by minds greater than ours, are plentiful. Time prompts, like 11:11 and others, which invite you to contact those nearest to you in time-space – us – are only sparingly dealt out on other worlds, whilst countless additional synchronicities are presented to you.

“These are opportunities, constantly dropped into your lap, and they are our gifts to you, Michael’s gifts to you, added to the Gift of immeasurable value of the Creator of all that lives and breathes in these universes, and all that does not – your Thought Adjuster – that Fragment of the Creator Himself – which, with your cooperation, will take you to dizzy heights. Compared to that of us, the Midwayers’, your life is but a short season. We entreat you all to make the most of it, relentlessly, in ‘going the extra mile.’

“Far from being trapped in an awkward world, you live on a sphere of great opportunity all around you. As our Primary Midwayers will teach you, at any time you choose to ask them, among the greatest achievers of the inter-universe visitors they entertain on their fact-finding missions to our earth, one will discover the wisest, most decisive, most effective former humans as having been trained on rebellious worlds as was this. It is Michael’s gift to you, indeed, for you to be of service to Him. Are some few chosen, favored, selected? Oh, no! You all are!

“Take that first decisive step towards serving Him by serving your kin, and the wheels will be set in motion for you to live a productive, satisfactory life here, to enjoy an ever-lasting thousand-fold reward in higher realms.”

George: “We hear you. You’re the Boss!”

Bzutu: “I’m ABC-22, your humble servant.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
You lit a Flame, and it will become a Raging Fire — ABC-22. 11:11 Store

A Great Start to An Eternal Friendship

Urantia, May 6, 2021.
Teacher: The Beloved.
Subject: “A Great Start to An Eternal Friendship.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved: “You learn by making choices and making decisions. Often you will realize in hindsight how the biggest mistakes turned out to be the greatest blessings in disguise.

“In retrospect, these supposed wrong choices, which have given you the most heartaches over the years, have instead provided you with the greatest lessons, from which you have learned the most.

“It is true that by those wrong decisions made in your life, you did not carve out an easy road to travel. Through it all, you kept calling out for spiritual help, not knowing that I was right inside of you.

“So finally, you are gaining soul-rest in the very center of your being. You now know that you can receive My counsel, from moment to moment if you so desire.

“Of course, this means turning within, but you know that by now. Can you see how all these lessons have brought you closer to Me? What a great start this is to an eternal Friendship.

“I have experienced all the sorrows and joys with you, and now you have begun to know Me better and love Me more. You will also understand and love others more, even if it is only because the eternal Creator lives in them too. For God has bestowed a Fragment of Himself upon each normal thinking creature with the capacity for worship and wisdom.

“This must be the starting point for you – to love them and understand them as a part of yourself. For this is how God intimately experiences all sorrows and joys as you grow into a perfected being, wherefore He created you.

“The earth-life provides ample opportunities for learning, and for you to experience Me in this inner world. This allows you to use My influence to make the right decisions in the outer world, and to achieve even more in-depth learning and love for a greater understanding.

“Every opportunity you take to come to Me for your private guidance is invaluable beyond measure.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
I Am the Satisfaction of Your Soul — The Beloved One.

The Gauntlets You Take

Oregon, USA, November 18, 2020.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “The Gauntlets You Take”.

Message received by Anyas.

An opportunity is a situation in which it is possible for something to be done, offering you a genuine new start.

Thought Adjuster: “Your unalienable free-will prerogative presents you with often-stressful alternatives. You have help in this process since your mind is connected to the 7 Adjuvant Mind Spirits' benevolent influences: Intuition nudges you in the right direction when you lack all relevant facts. Knowledge keeps an impeccable chain of custody of all available data. Understanding serves as a data processor, while Counsel helps reconcile the feedback of various outside consultants. Wisdom enables you to incorporate in your ever-expanding portfolio hard-earned spiritual insights.

“The best choice benefits all, yielding win-win outcomes vouched for by the Divine. Let your likes weigh on your decisions as means of self-expression — not self-gratification.

“Every so often, your decisions radically alter the course of your life. If you articulate the firm intention to leave no regrets behind, it will help you summon the courage to go for the most difficult choice of all, knowing that it will yield optimal personal and collective dividends.

“The brave souls who accepted Jesus’ proffered invitation to his inner circle of discipleship made this difficult decision wholeheartedly. By taking Jesus as their spiritual leader, they severed many ties to their former life. They quit their jobs and took on a vagrant lifestyle.

“Have you been called to make such selfless choices? If so, how did they turn out? Whenever there is only one viable option, it seems that you do not have much say in the matter. An evasive or complacent attitude will stifle your spiritual growth and restrict your acquisition of experiential wisdom.

“Your spiritual higher education does come at a price. In hindsight, you can see how your most soul-wrenching choices made you more resilient in body, mind, or soul — or all of the above. The dreaded twists and turns of human living cut a breach in mind dulling routines. Do not discount such growth opportunities, as they are much more than lucky strikes.”

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