Universal Interconnectivity

Chicago US of A, October 22, 2011.
Teacher Prolotheos.
Subject: “Universal Interconnectivity.”

Received by Valdir Soares.

Prolotheos: “No man is an island. There is much truth in that statement. Every human being is a unique personality, but he or she is certainly not isolated from all others. We – humankind and celestials – are all connected. There is a universal web of relationships and energies connecting us to God and to his creation. The establishment of communication with beings in another time-dimension, or in distant space, is not always available to human beings on Urantia, due to your current limited perception of the reflectivity channels.

“Your being connected to everything in the Universe stems from the fact that all share the same origin and sustenance from our Universal Father. This allows every being to consider him- or herself to be a rightful part of the whole. To function adequately in the universe depends on your embracing the effects of the existence and participation of others in your life, as well as of their influence on your life.

“Denying the existence of evil, or the evildoer and the suffering they bring, does not do anyone any good. Instead, one can use the same interconnection to return love. This restores the energies of goodness, entices the curiosity for truth, and increases the appreciation of beauty. This interconnectivity might well give evil its way to reach you, but you can choose to not return it, sending back love instead.

“This interconnection means that our actions have an impact on the universal web. Each person’s decisions and actions have an effect on all others. Whoever first causes the action will have the most affect of all – be it for good or bad. It’s like when you throw a stone on the surface of a still body of water. Starting from where the stone falls, a circle of ripples fans out in all directions, diminishing in strength as they reach farther and farther until they fade. So, with your decisions and actions in life, you who caused the effect, remain the most affected by them. Others, according to their proximity to you, will also be affected. That, which affects the part, affects the whole, and although in a somewhat circumscribed way, the whole has now changed. What kind of change will you cause to the lives of others by your decisions and actions?

“Universal interconnection works for the good according to the will of the Father; it means that your decisions and actions will put you on the path of progress, ever ascending if in cooperation with the will of the Father. You will also be impacted by the decisions and actions of others, but whether good or evil matters little. All that matters is for your reaction to be embracing and understanding, rather than of anger and resistance.

“I am Prolotheos, your tutor. Carry on, my pupil. My love watches over you. So does the entire universe love you.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
You lit a Flame, and it will become a Raging Fire — ABC-22.


Rather Than Travel Alone

Urantia, February 8, 2006.
Teacher: The Beloved.
Subject: “Rather Than Travel Alone.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved: “My child, it is in your learning to trust Me more, that you will experience true freedom, because your burdens will be lifted. You will let go of all your yesterdays, as you will let Me be the Guide in your life.

“Of course, you will always make your personal decisions, but now you have the choice of doing this more knowingly, by asking Me first which might be the best choice to make. Of course, the best decision will always represent the greatest good for all.

“For a better understanding, I shall always remain in the background, until you mature to the point where you will begin to realize that you would prefer to walk with Me, rather than travel alone.

“However, I need to warn you that we do not walk a path of ease. It will be a path filled with opportunities to learn a great deal, where you will gather much wisdom, and My beloved, where you will always have access to My unconditional love when you feel that you have none left to give.

“I truly desire to saturate you with My love, so it can become a habit for you to give, and give love unreservedly. In time, your judgment of others will cease to form in your mind when you accept each brother and sister you meet as a part of the great Creator God and therefore a part of yourself.

“In time to come, you shall more and more often acknowledge My presence, and your soul will feel nourished, your heart will be filled full with love, and your mind will be satisfied with its growing understanding.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
I Am the Satisfaction of Your Soul — The Beloved One.


By the Efforts of All

Alabama, US of A, November 7, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “By the Efforts of All.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “How is it possible that at times some of you can think that the only possible solution to a problem is to terminate the life of one of your siblings on this world? War and murder are never solutions. Even when war has been the anvil where many civilizations in your history were forged, it has always been a very expensive endeavor, and it represents the worst way to achieve the objectives that could be better obtained with greater benefits for all by more creative and altruistic solutions.

“At this stage in the development of your civilization war has no justification. As a group, you have reached the level of beings with the capacity for reflection and self-control. Your decisions should no longer be motivated by fear, mistrust, revenge, or any of the lowest human emotions. You have created institutions and governments that should be perfectly adequate for the intelligent solution of differences of opinion and conflicts of interest, if they are in the hands of men and women morally solvent and with the sincere desire of seeking the well-being of their peers.

“Similarly, your science, your philosophy, and the more advanced of your religions have progressed to a level where the biological, social, and spiritual relationships among all human beings cannot be denied and have demonstrated the equality of all people. You know at an intellectual level that all are equal and necessary to build a better world. So why do you deceive yourselves to the point of blatantly contradicting your own laws and morality? You have laws that forbid murder and you consider killing a human being as the worst crime, and yet you accept that during war or ‘self-defence’ this crime can be justified.

“In this era, you have received an additional revelation – that the very presence of God inhabits your being. This presence comes directly from the highest Source to reside within human beings and start the sublime task of transforming a mortal into a perfected creature in the likeness of God. The progress made on this planet during a mortal life is paramount for the rest of the eternal life. When you take somebody’s life you are directly interrupting the divine plan for the spiritual growth of that soul, and this has consequences not only for the murdered but also for the murderer and the rest of creation. Your career of spiritual development involves achievements and expressions of goodness that extend toward eternity. Therefore, any interruptions of this career also have repercussions in eternity.

“It is time you wake up to your responsibilities as universal citizens. “You live a life on this world and all of you share the responsibility to create a better reality, closer to the divine will and the plan of perfection that our Father desires to manifest through our actions.” The establishment of a world in light and life is not a blessing that will fall from heaven, it is instead an attainment achieved by the effort of each and every one of the inhabitants of a planet.

“If there are still wars, hate, fear, mistrust, and confusion in this world is because you allow it. Let each one of you remove these spiritual poisons from your individual life, filling your minds only with truth, beauty, and goodness, discovering that when you decree the age of light and life in your personal life you also do it for your world.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
Faith is just curiosity tinged with hope — Thought Adjuster.


Experiencing Conscious Contact – Part 7

Asheville, NC, US of A, November 7, 2021.
From the Desk of Chris Maurus.
Subject: “Experiencing Conscious Contact – Part 7.”

Dear Friends and Light Workers,

This continuing series will expand and explain the eleven facets identified in Part 3, “The Framework for Conscious Contact.” This message takes a deeper look at the fifth facet: “5. Express gratitude (for everything and everyone — even for the hard lesson and relationships).”

There is no greater way to bring more light into your consciousness than to express your genuine heart-felt gratitude for life itself — a gift from the Universal Father. Stop and really think about what that means? You, this “child consciousness,” was created by the Universal Father to host His Divine Fragment — to be present with you at all times, and to share in the experience of your life. Give thanks for this gift and express your gratitude through spontaneous emotion. Wave your arms in the air — sing — dance, and revel in the astonishing love you feel as you celebrate life with your Thought Adjuster (TA) as your true soulmate and eternal partner. Let your mind wander through the many doors of your memory where love touched you — when love was shared — how love transformed you, and make the connection that in all those moments you had become the expression of Divine Inspiration.

I can’t tell you how to be grateful — it must come from deep within the core of your being. In essence, what you are doing by expressing your gratitude is “being worshipful.” Worship is progressive because it is an act of consecration—you being in agreement and alignment with the Will of the Father and when you truly express the Father’s Will in your life, you feel the alignment. How do you feel it? You feel it as a beautiful emotion — of love, of truth, and goodness. Think about the most precious moments of your life and connect to that “feeling.” Realize that the TA was sharing in that moment and saving it for you, in your soul trust, for all eternity! Your TA wants you to have more of those precious moments — why? Because it equates to spiritual growth and contributes to a maturing personality — it is the answer, in song, to the Universal Father’s edict, “Be you perfect, even as I AM perfect.”

Of all the facets of Conscious Contact (CC), let this one be the facet you most look forward to expressing — it is a celebration of life, of love, and your joy — to feel the love vibrations reverberate back and forth, from you, and from your TA, as evidence of the unity you share.

In retrospect, be grateful for your growth in self-awareness. Think about how far you have come and look back on those tough times in your life where you were lost. Make the connection that your Beloved TA was always there guiding you to this more aware state of consciousness. What success! You are here now in CC with your TA! It is evidence of your growth and guidance! Think about it — you have been led to this very moment!

“My Beloved         (TA name here)        , I am so grateful that you have chosen me to be your eternal partner — my true soulmate.” “You give meaning to my life, and I look forward to the adventures ahead as we participate, together, in Father’s Great Plan.”

“I AM grateful, My Beloved, that you stood by me all those long years before my awareness of you — that you patiently guided me to this very moment.” “You, Father, are an awesome Creator that loves His children — I know this because you have given a fragment of yourself to be with me always — my life is now eternal.” “Being aware of your presence is the most precious virtue a human soul can experience.” “Thank you, My Beloved, thank you Father, and thank you Christ Michael for the opportunity to experience life on your bestowal world.”

These statements of gratitude are only examples, and I encourage you to be completely spontaneous in your worship of the Father. Gratitude is the outpouring of the heart — your heart, and only you can truly express the feelings of gratitude for your life. Once you tap into this place, you shall know what alignment feels like — the love vibrations from the TA shall manifest in a way you will know, without doubt, and cannot be anything other than true Conscious Contact from your Beloved TA.

Stay with me on the journey,

Chris Maurus

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
“The giving of self, the illumination of truth, and the relief of suffering
are the noblest paths to higher consciousness.” – Teacher Ophelius, 2009.


Sweet or Sour Grapes?

Oregon, USA, February 12, 2021.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Sweet or Sour Grapes?”

Message received by Anyas

“The religions of revelation allure men to seek for a God of love because they crave to become like him. [ . . .] Sooner or later, God is destined to be comprehended as the reality of values, the substance of meanings, and the life of truth.” [UB, 5:4.1-2]

Thought Adjuster: “How could one fear a God of love Who continuously sets in motion from His heavenly abode myriads of perfectly premeditated chain reactions — matches made in heaven?

“By its generous nature, love exerts an irresistible pull. How else could your prodigal soul find its way from its temporary earthly habitat back to the hearth of the divine heart — its birthplace?

“All share Paradise as the place of origin, function, and destiny, as regards values, meanings, and factual existence.” [UB, 0:4.11]

“Love is both the motivator of excellence and the most worthwhile and rewarding pursuit. Its passionate prompts motivate the creatures to express their godlike essence — uplifting them, never disheartening them.

“At its Antipode, hate is an extremely disturbing emotion that traumatizes the tender heart, causing it to shut down. It terrorizes its victims, and its vicious intensity short fuses the complex cosmic circuitry of love — tampering with its natural flow.

“If given free rein, hate, anger, fear, resentment, and their toxic by-products will pollute your heart, cannibalizing the good in you. Hate is an acidic emotion that erodes your emotional heart — just like an excessive intake of acidic nutrients becomes the breeding ground for the proliferation of deadly cancerous cells. The scornful facial expression of a ‘hater’ instantly prompts you to divert your eyes away from its repulsive ugliness.

“Stand firm against the malignant takeover of violent emotions, refusing to give them your voice and your body as surrogates to enact their destructive rampages. Form the emotional hygiene habit to stand back to assess the adversarial hold they will claim on you if you give them free rein.

“Hate is a downer. Why then operate under its spell while love forever remains a sustainable option? Lovers thrive. Their persona emits a beautiful glow, a tell-tale sign that they have found ‘the real thing.’ They go about doing good — as Jesus did — thus spreading the love bug.”

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