Experiencing Conscious Contact – Part 5

Asheville, NC, US of A, October 3, 2021.
From the Desk of Chris Maurus.
Subject: “Experiencing Conscious Contact – Part 5.”

Dear Friends and Light Workers,

This continuing series will expand and explain the eleven facets identified in Part 3, “The Framework for Conscious Contact.” This message takes a deeper look at the second and third facets:
“2. Initiate Contact (with the TA)”
“3. Recognition of the Parent/child relationship”

Once you have established and entered your sacred space, you are now ready to “reach out” and make contact with the Fragmented Nature of the Universal Father — the Creator of all that lives in your human mind that is personally focused on your soul development; that loves you unconditionally; and is a Divine Stake Holder in your growth and progress throughout your ascendant career — here and hereafter: The Divine Thought Adjuster (TA).

I encourage you to give your TA a sacred name — something that represents your highest ideal for a personally focused deity, an eternal partner, and true soulmate. It could be an acronym made from the definition of your sacred relationship; it could be a beautiful name that you have always loved; it could be a name that you receive during your Conscious Contact session brought to the surface of your mind by your TA! Be open to receive this name no matter how it arrives in your mind, for it is your way to make the relationship with the TA personal and real.

Because these facets of the framework are wholly re-definable by you, I provide only an example for how you might approach your TA in these Conscious Contact sessions:

“My Beloved, _____________ (TA name here).” “Divine Thought Adjuster, you are my Eternal Partner; my True Soulmate; my Ascension Pilot; my inspiration; my Guide to progress...”

Here you may insert any meaningful statements about your intimate spiritual relationship with the TA. I encourage you to be spontaneous — finding the words as you open yourself up to this Divine Contact. These statements, that represent your personal beliefs in the divine relationship, are statements that reinforce the surety of your eternal intentions and union with this Divine Fragment of the Universal Father. Have no doubt, that these statements alone are powerful and they unequivocally contribute to your personal spiritual progress.

Why are these statements so powerful and progressive? Because these statements are spoken verbally (as a vibration) as a testimony of your faith and trust in the unseen Father. It is your sworn testimony that you recognize the sovereignty and surety of the Parent/child relationship that can never be broken — it is a faith statement of fact — that you have accepted this partnership and you are committed to the Grand Adventure of Time — to be the experiential child endowed with divine potentials; willing to follow wherever the Divine Pilot takes you; to discover, learn, and grow, through experience, the path that leads to paradise perfection — to answer the Father’s edict: “Be you perfect, even as I AM perfect.”

It is at this point, that you then declare the purpose for your engagement with the TA:

“...I AM here to establish Conscious Contact (CC) with You, my Beloved Thought Adjuster.” “Please extend to me the enhanced circuit?” “Elevate my human consciousness into higher dimensions where I may receive a ‘full-light’ consciousness.” “Fill my consciousness with light that I may have the insights and revelations that you impart to me for my guidance, growth, and progress, according to Father’s Divine Will.”

“I AM the child — You are the Parent.” “Together we become the I AM — the full expression of the Parent through the child.” “I AM here, I AM there, I AM everywhere.” “I consecrate my will to the Father’s Will.” “I AM the vessel of the Father’s Will wherever I AM in Father’s House.”

These “I AM” statements are powerful, because they speak from the place of the Parent/child intersection — a place of unity. You are speaking as the full expression of the Parent through the child consciousness. You are declaring the sovereignty of Father’s Will in as much as you can understand it as an imperfect consciousness.” “I AM” is a statement of absolute TRUTH! It is the intersection of infinity that connects the child to the Parent.

The I AM is so powerful that when Jesus spoke it as he identified himself before the soldiers who came to arrest him, the whole group of men in the front line were knocked down to the ground from the sheer power of its absolute truth, “I AM the One you seek!”

I encourage you to speak the “I AM” in as many ways as you can imagine — not only in your CC sessions, but throughout your day. This powerful statement erases the sub-conscious conditioning and programming that you are anything less than a powerful partner with the Creator!

Stay with me on the journey as we explore the remaining facets in the Framework.

Peace to you,
Chris Maurus

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
“The giving of self, the illumination of truth, and the relief of suffering
are the noblest paths to higher consciousness.” – Teacher Ophelius, 2009.


The Ultimate Goal of Evolution

Urantia, July 7, 2007.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “The Ultimate Goal of Evolution.”

Message received by Lytske.

Thought Adjuster: “Open your heart to be stirred into action by the unseen activities of heaven. The celestials are waiting to see which mortal will next answer the call of Spirit and to exercise that precious free-will power of choice and decision-making, to wake up and align itself to the will of the eternal God.

At first it may be a half-hearted and hesitant effort, but gradually there arrives the awareness that, yes indeed, matters are moving along more smoothly, and a feeling of rightness, and a semblance of soul-peace, is beginning to take a hold.

Humankind is slow to understand that the almighty God has entrusted them with the greatest gift; that of free will. In order for them to choose immortal life for themselves.

The meanings and values, which you gather on the evolutionary worlds of space, represent the lasting currency in ‘the bank of heaven.’

A mortal bent on living a purely materialistic life, without thought for the life hereafter, is an impoverished soul indeed. There is a wealth of experience to be had when a mortal overcomes his or her baser instinct of instant gratification, and learns to love and accept others when he or she first learns to love and accept self as a child of almighty God.

A greater understanding and wisdom grow with each decision to go into the Stillness of their hearts to accept guidance from Me, their Mystery Monitor. And as they get to know Me better, they will find it much easier to decipher what the will of God entails, which of course, is the way with the most love for each other.

At that point, the journey together as siblings of the almighty God becomes a heaven on earth. This is the ultimate goal of evolution; co-creation with God in time and space.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
I Am the Satisfaction of Your Soul — The Beloved One.


The Only Preconized Comeback

Oregon, USA, February 27, 2021.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “The Only Preconized Comeback.”

Message received by Anyas

Thought Adjuster: “Pride, disappointment, misunderstanding, and petty resentment formed the toxic build-up that estranged Jesus’ family from him, causing him great sorrow.

Tender souls who dispense high-octave love are troubled by the lack of reciprocation they endure on the part of those who harbor hard feelings. Sadly, the hostility they exude robs them of the great comfort provided by loving human associations — a steep price to pay in a love-starved world.

Because of love’s eternal nature, a feeling of loss arises when relational ties are severed. The getting-even mentality prompts the ‘offended’ party to retaliate in kind, thus adding insult to injury.

Forgiveness is the only form of retaliation condoned by Jesus. He understood that in many cases, the infliction of harm was rooted in spiritual ignorance. In his pro-bono representation, he frequently pleaded this attenuating circumstance.

Many jump the gun and prematurely pull the trigger in what they claim to be justified acts of self-defense. Sadly, they make matters worse by incorrectly viewing themselves as the intentional target of stray bullets — a gross inconsistency. They would fare much better if they responded to these humanitarian crises from Jesus’ enlightened perspective. Love holds significant healing powers when its soft touch catches the hater off-guard.

By ostracizing those who inadvertently hurt your feelings, you are stripping your reality off their unique color hue, making it bleaker.

“You miss one person, and your world feels empty” was eloquently stated by the French poet Alphonse de Lamartine in his beautiful poem entitled “Isolation.” Jesus’ life mission was all about regrouping his scattered flock. Never did he tell anyone to get lost.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
No matter what the question is, the answer is always Love.


Unconditional Love

US of A, November 19, 2003.
Teacher: Christ Michael.
Subject: “Unconditional Love.”

Message received by Contributing Receiver

Michael: “There are times when you may feel quite alone, my children, however this is not in any way a reality. It is merely a feeling that you can experience, and your feelings are not always based on facts. In truth, you are never alone, for have I not told you that I will never leave you, nor forsake you. They are your feelings of alienation, and these feelings are ever false.

You may often feel separated from my love, and from the Father’s love, because of guilt. And yet you have neither disappointed our Father, nor have you let me down in any way. Throughout your lives you may frequently disappoint yourselves, and then you tend to withdraw from Him, whilst He will never abandon you.

And here is a lesson to be learned about the Father’s Love; His Love is not dependant on certain conditions. The Father is not a conditional lover as is so much the tendency of mankind, and His love is not dependant on whether you are good or bad. It is everlasting.

There is in the earthly folklore a mythical character, who perpetuates the concept of conditional love by reward and punishment entirely, and many of you have in your minds created a god who is fashioned after this mythical character, but the Father does not keep lists of His children, dividing them by their ‘goodness’ or by their ‘badness.’ That, too, has become a great fabrication that needs to be exposed, for our Father is Love, and His Love is not restricted in any way by your achieving a state of grace. Yes, do learn this lesson well.

As difficult as it is for you to learn and fully comprehend that the Father is not a conditional lover, so it is for you to learn to love unconditionally. From early childhood you have been rewarded for good and punished for error, and this teaches conditional loving. And you take this teaching into every area of your life’s experiences. It has taught you to reward and punish your children and others in like manner, and if anyone displeases you, you simply withdraw your love, and this process is repeated again and again. Now we begin to stop this cycle with understanding.

The Father simply loves you, and when you fail at your lessons He does not stop loving you. He never withholds His Perfect Love, not even for an instant. You will learn to love; as He would have you love. This is by far the most difficult of all the lessons in our curriculum. You cannot learn this lesson in one day, but you can begin by simply understanding. Begin by trusting me with this great truth: The Father loves you not because of what you say or do, but because of Who He is. He is Love, and His Love is unconditional.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
You lit a Flame, and it will become a Raging Fire — ABC-22.


Your Responsibility as Universal Citizens

Alabama, US of A, November 4, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Your Responsibility as Universal Citizens”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “You could separate the development of an evolutionary world into two big stages. The first one takes place during the times when evolution occurs naturally and it ends with the appearance of creatures with the capacity for moral choice. The second stage starts with the growth and development of human civilization. The only difference between these two stages is that during the first one it is nature who leads evolution. In the second stage, the inhabitants with superior mental capacity and spiritual potential have as much influence as nature in the development of planetary reality, even becoming up to certain point independent of nature as civilization advances.

In this moment, Urantia is experiencing a transition period towards the second stage. You are starting to assume control over everything that happens in your world and the weight of this sacred responsibility has not yet been awarded the necessary importance in your minds. Many occupy themselves in manipulating the natural resources to satisfy their immediate needs and the needs of their group, without a second thought about the consequences for the future. This is the typical outcome of a society where the technological advances greatly surpass the spiritual advancements. The majority of you think only about the material and the immediate, happily forgetting your responsibility as universal citizens of building a reality that promotes the ideals of the Creator.

Your technology advances with great steps but the challenges that you must overcome seem to become increasingly more complex. This should be enough to suggest to you that your failures will not be found in science, politics, or any other material discipline. Even now, with your current level of development, you already count with everything you would need to solve the most urgent problems in this world. What is missing is the discipline to search individually how to become better, how to be the best each of you can aspire to be. You need the ‘hunger for rectitude and thirst for justice’ that inspire you to pursue perfection and consecrate your life to the will of your Father, which is the best path of all.

Understand once and for all that this world will not change until each and every one of you has changed. If you truly wish to do something to improve your world and end all suffering, wars, and all the problems you see out there, make an effort to find the voice within your being and follow His advice to become one more agent for the creation of a higher reality. Nobody can make another human discover her hidden divinity, since it is an individual task and a glorious enterprise each one must begin on their own. When the hearts of all human beings overflow with love for their neighbors, the problems that now seem too great will be a thing of the past, and the true age of light and life would have started in this world.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
Faith is just curiosity tinged with hope — Thought Adjuster.