A Superior Brain and Mind

Illawarra District, Australia, February 12, 2007.
Midwayer Chief Beatrice (ABC-3).
Subject: “A Superior Brain and Mind.” (Part Transmission).

Received by George Barnard.

Beatrice: “That’s good. That’s fine. This is Secondary Midwayer, Beatrice, right here with you. I have this receiver in my clutches now, and I will endeavor to hold his attention for the duration of this chat, this lesson. Good day to you, my dear friends.

“I am the Midwayer who helped guide Dante Alighieri throughout his extensive writings over a prolonged period of time. I am the leader of one of the small clans of Midwayers that, from time to time, are appointed to undertake certain tasks by ‘Those on High’.

“My present job is to teach, and one might say I am enjoying a short holiday break from these activities. There are many (former humans) from this planet still unfamiliar with the daily goings on in which the Secondary and the Primary Midwayers are playing their parts. And so, together with student visitors from other planets, I teach them our and their Urantia history.

“For me, on this day, my given task is to discuss with you and, all who will learn about awareness – awareness of your behavior as it affects yourself and others; self examination of thoughts, feelings, motives – of the reason why you do the things you do, and therefore, and therewith, an opportunity for you to progress in this earthly life to, indeed, know yourself.

“This is your earthly stepping-stone into your eternal life, and an important one it is. Life – the golden opportunities and real hazards of your evolutionary existence here – have no ‘credibly suitable’, ‘hard knocks’ alternatives on the utterly safe mansion worlds. Whatever total spiritual, intellectual, and moral progress you depart with from this planet is what you start off with in your new life on the mansion worlds. However, should at any time your awareness of what goes on around you lag in certain ways about the seemingly mundane, there will be provided a period of time during which you can look back, when you can make comparisons with others, and do this much more openly than is possible on your world right now.

“On the mansion worlds you will be in receipt of a vastly different, superior brain and corresponding morontia mind with which to progress, and so it is inescapable for you to look back upon your earth life almost in a way of observing that terrestrial life as if it had been of another. There will be huge memory gaps, for it is typical of your human behavior to see more clearly the motivations of another, and perhaps be unaware of your own.

“In looking back upon your earth life and piecing it together bit by bit, event by event, you will be able to more clearly discern those instances where you were so right, those instances where you were so wrong, and in that realization ‘resides’ an aspect of your further progress.

“It has been my task to teach these things, bring together those who have already left your world, and re-acquaint them with each other to improve their collective memories. And after a short time, a short break here and now, I shall return to likewise exercises on Mansion World One.

“For me it has been a wonderful gift to be allowed this opportunity to say hello to all, and express my wish that at some time in the near future I may be granted a return to my home planet. This is Secondary Midwayer, Beatrice, signing off for now.”

George: “We thank you Beatrice.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
You lit a Flame, and it will become a Raging Fire — ABC-22.

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The Spirit Lives On. Forever.

Urantia, February 11, 2021.
Teacher: The Beloved.
Subject: “The Spirit Lives On. Forever.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved: “Once you realize that this life is only a miniscule step into a glorious, eternal journey heavenward, it makes your life far more interesting. This is an everlasting truth, and worthy of thoughtful consideration.

“How is it that your myriad friends – the countless ones that even now have passed over into a new life – can assist you in the mortal estate?

“By realizing that this is so, and as your departed siblings become more precious to you, you learn to place a greater value on the life you are living now. Rather than mourning their passing, you can now celebrate their lives and anticipate a glad reunion in the next life – the next phase of your eternal existence.

“Truly, you are all children of an immensely wealthy Father/Mother Creator.

“By now you realize that each person, celestial and human, are all offspring of the One Creator, your immediate relatives, and yet you live in denial of My existence within you and fail to recognize the Master’s hand behind creation. You, indeed, are living in spiritual poverty, and the darkness of loneliness.

“However, when you daily build your trust and faith in Me – a Fragment of the Universal living God – your life will enter a time of greater spiritual abundance.

“Think of how life is renewed each year in trees and flowers. It is the breath of the Eternal that gives them life, each according to their own pattern and design.

“Should He then not also have your life in His hands? Even when the time comes to exchange your mortal temple for a more etheric one?

“The material temple surely dies, but the spirit lives on. Forever.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
I Am the Satisfaction of Your Soul — The Beloved One.

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Operate Within the Safety Net of the Golden Rule

Oregon, September 21, 2020
Thought Adjuster
Subject: “Operate Within the Safety Net of the Golden Rule”

Message received by Anyas

“No man is at any time disturbed by his neighbor’s attitude when he has perfect confidence in the truth of that which he wholeheartedly believes. Courage is the confidence of thoroughgoing honesty about those things which one professes to believe. Sincere men are unafraid of the critical examination of their true convictions and noble ideals.” [UB 146:3.2]

Thought Adjuster: “If you could fathom the butterfly effect that your emotional state exerts on the planetary tempo, you would exert much more caution as to which emotions your prevalently entertain.

“I am addressing those of you who claim to labor toward the manifestation of the high spiritual ideals promoted by Jesus. How do you go about it? Are you practicing the dignified self-control he demonstrated while remaining firmly anchored in his love for humankind? Are you operating within the safety net of the Golden Rule or as spiritual outlaws?

“The turbulent times you are living in, provide you with ample opportunities to show what you are truly made of. Certainly, Jesus would not approve of the widespread character assassinations that takes place among you. The malevolent gaslighting of others could be likened to criminal arson.

“How often in the course of history has the God-centered life of innocent souls been sacrificed on the defiled altar of malevolence and petty prejudices? Jeanne of Arc—a brave freedom fighter activated by a divine vision—was burnt at the stake for wearing men’s clothing.

“Many of you jealously defend their belief systems as a mother bear viciously defend her cubs. Their thrashing around keeps at bay those who dare approach them with the best of intentions.

“Which emotions do you add to the already smoldering planetary pot? Hate, sarcasm, cynicism, ill-wishing and ill-willing, defamation of character, and violent outbursts cannot be gateways to peace—no matter how hard you are trying to justify them.

“Love, respect, empathy, compassion, goodwill, and emotional upliftment, were the emotions entertained by Jesus—amid terrible predicaments. He genuinely loved those he made his life mission to redeem and reform.

“Do not further exacerbate the erratic planetary pulse by spewing negative emotions. Put God first—as Jesus did. It will help you alter your behavior, turning you into an agent of positive change and rewarding you with inner peace.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
No matter what the question is, the answer is always Love.

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The Cultivation of your Being

Alabama, US of A, September 19, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “The Cultivation of your Being”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Each person possesses an inner compass that constantly points to the path of truth and also helps you to not be deceived by the falsehood and confusions that reign in this world. Those human beings who learn to cultivate their inner life become increasingly immune to the external influences that may lead them away from their true purpose and the full enjoyment of their life experience.

“The cultivation of your being is just the honest exploration of who you really are, with the guidance of the Divine Spark of the Father within your heart – your Thought Adjuster. Who can be better prepared to reveal the magnitude of your being than your Creator, who knows your potentials and has been always with you since the beginning? This practice of looking within awakens your mind and strengthens your perspicacity, better tuning your ears so you can discern the melodies of the spiritual realities, without falling under the influence of the cacophony of noise that inundates the lives of human beings in this world.

“Practice looking toward the innermost part of your being often. Discover who you truly are. Use your mind to create the plan for your life, with the help of the Architect of your existence – the Creator Father – who inhabits your being and wishes to guide you so you can become the best you can be. This is how you find full satisfaction of the highest and purest desires of your soul, while you become useful to the entire creation participating in the establishment of the universal plan.

“There is little regard in the present for the role of mortals in the establishment of reality. Many among you believe that they are beings that randomly came to life and that they have no goal. Many consider life as a journey towards nothing. This is not the case. You have been created by a loving Father for a definitive purpose. Together as a single organism we are creating a higher and more beautiful reality than anything else that has been expressed so far in time and space. Each one is an indispensable piece of the mosaic and all have the opportunity to build and offer their talents to create this new reality. And some day in the future, looking back at a universe established in light and life, you will be able to say, ‘I was one of the workers who made all this possible’.

“Today your world is balancing at the edge of the precipice under the influence of the whims of a confused and scared minority that only seek the satisfaction of their false and selfish needs, and who shortsightedly struggle to preserve their way of life. They don’t realize that they are enslaving themselves and denying greater opportunities to themselves and other. It is up to those who have learned to see with eyes illuminated by the light of spirit to bring their peers to the light. Let the example of your lives well lived and consecrated to the divine will be the beacon that leads and inspires others to follow you. Your individual effort to live a life according to the loving will of the Father is the best gift you can give to God, your siblings, and your world.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
Faith is just curiosity tinged with hope — Thought Adjuster.

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Your Faith and Trust in The One God

Urantia, February 13, 2021.
Teacher: The Beloved.
Subject: “Your Faith and Trust in The One God.”

Message Received by Lytske.

The Beloved: “The deeply felt desires of your heart are known to Me, and the aspiration to leave this world a better place lives in the hearts of many people.

“This will someday become a collective desire, which will then verily catapult this picturesque small orb into Light and life.

“Until this is brought about, much work remains to be done.

“Right now, your planet is still in the barbaric stages, where brothers fight and kill each other, and sisters spare no love for each other. As long as there are wars and rumors of wars, the planet will remain in this stage until all are made aware of the still Voice that dwells within them, which will guide them into a better way of life.

“These Voices are not yet heard, for they are readily cancelled out by the clamor of the world.

“There is a great need, which needs to be addressed to let all humans know that all nations, races, creeds and colors, are worthy children of the one God and are offspring of the Light. The Creator truly does not mind what He/She is called.

“This matters only to the caller.

“It is man, who in his search for Me has dreamed up this confusing system of beliefs, symbols, ceremonies and laws. This has kept humankind in bondage, and has nothing to do with the true spirituality that resides in the individual hearts.

“Your love for each other, and your faith and trust in the one God, who lives in all, is the key to be discovered. And only then will humankind understand the true purpose of life, which is to practice unconditional love, and the golden rule of living – to do unto others, as they themselves wish to be done unto them.

“Contemplate the significance of My sayings, and dwell more often in the Silence within, so you may discern My guiding Voice.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
I Am the Satisfaction of Your Soul — The Beloved One.

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