Drive Under the Influence of Spirit

Oregon, USA, May 6, 2021
Thought Adjuster
Subject: “Drive Under the Influence of Spirit”

Message received by Anyas

“The Lord is our ruler, shelter, and supreme controller, and his primeval spirit dwells within the mortal soul. The Eternal Witness to vice and virtue dwells within man’s heart. Let us long meditate on the adorable and divine Vivifier; let his spirit fully direct our thoughts. From this unreal world, lead us to the real! From darkness lead us to the light! From death guide us to immortality!” [UB, 131:4.3]

Thought Adjuster: “Because of the severe abuse of human power persuasion, the term Mind Control has taken on a negative connotation. Illegitimate infringement over others' thinking amounts to brainwashing—a far cry from the soft touch of the benevolent mental influence of your indwelling divine Indweller. Its sacred mission statement is to enrich your thinking without ever impeding on your free will prerogative. It is a consensual agreement, never a dictatorial measure.

Sperm has to penetrate an egg to engender a new life through fusion. Just the same, divine thinking, when allowed to penetrate your mind, fertilizes your thought process, disclosing which timely steps are yours to take to ‘eventuate’ your divinely-conceived matrix of perfection.

The entire creation is a ‘controlled environment,’ as the Creator assumes full responsibility for the fruits of His imaginative mind. From that higher perspective, the word ‘control’ has a positive flair that cannot but instill you with hope and faith. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain by willingly falling into step with the informed input of your divine Controller. He regulates the flow of your thought patterns, which, if unsupervised, yield mighty traffic jams. His subliminal injunctions admonish you to stop in dangerous mental tracks to carpool with Him.

Picture yourself as chauffeuring such Royalty who insists on riding shotgun. He keeps an ever-watchful eye on the map He holds on His lap, helping you negotiate the bumps in the road, steering you away from danger zones, and coming up with providential shortcuts. If you fail to thank Him now, as your mind is preoccupied with the stress of driving under difficult conditions, you will certainly do it later. It is, indeed, preconized to Drive Under the Influence of Spirit, as “the great Controller makes no mistakes.” [UB, 2:1.2]

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Preparing the Soil of the Soul for Progress

Asheville, NC, US of A, March 4, 2018.
Teacher: Ophelius.
Subject: “Preparing the Soil of the Soul for Progress.”

Message received by Chris Maurus.

Teacher Ophelius: “Today, my dear students on the path, we would like to speak about the healing of minds. There is much dysfunction and confusion in the minds of many of your brothers and sisters and there are certain techniques you may use to begin the healing process for those who so desperately need it — to assist them and guide them on a progressive path to self-discovery and what lies beneath the heavy facade of their own wounded and conditioned minds. As always, this energetic work is to be executed with compassion, mercy, and Fatherly love — prayer with surgical precision.

“To begin, we would ask that you connect with your own guidance teams and ask your Thought Adjuster (TA) to coordinate the communication between you and the patient to be healed. To ensure a pure connection we ask that you examine yourself first and ask that all energetic attachments be cleared and that your own auric fields are clean and filled with light.

“There are many who are weighted down with all manner of dysfunctional maladies of the mind and who may not be consciously open to any kind of divine intervention; spiritual energy or healing. For many, this is a ‘condition’ of the mind — the wounded child putting up a façade to be protected from further injury. However, this is not so in the subconscious mind where they are crying out for love, mercy, and compassion — wanting to be healed, loved, and set on a path that leads to purpose in life.

“When you find willingness on the part of the inner child to open up to divine healing through the subconscious mind, you have secured the free-will acknowledgment of the individual to proceed with this healing. To do this, you first ask your TA to connect with the subconscious mind of the patient. You then identify yourself and state your intention to assist them in their own healing. When you have permission, you would begin by asking their guidance (TA, angels and other guides) to clear their auric field of all energetic attachments. Then ask if there is any damage to this field — if so, ask for the field to be healed and filled with unconditional love. This is the preparation for the healing — to get the energy system ready to function with enough capability to facilitate the healing process.

“Some of you students are healers and understand more about the auric field and how it may function and you may be very precise in your direction for the healing, but for those who are less aware of these energetic functions, we ask that you have confidence in the ability of the patient’s own guidance team to give them what they need. In essence, you are asking (‘Ask and it is given’) that they initiate the healing by releasing all negative and trapped emotions in the chakra fields starting at the root and working up through each chakra to the crown and above the crown. It is these negative emotions, fears, and wounded feelings that block them in life to deal with any deeper sense of self and purpose, and until these can be cleared, it is very difficult for them to move forward in any progressive way.

“What you are doing is assisting in the preparation for their healing by asking for this clearing work. It is, however, still up to the individual to take the lead once these energetic blocks have been removed. Once the energetic cleansing has begun, the conscious mind is more open to doing the work of further healing. We see from our vantage point (from the spiritual realm) that billions of people on the planet suffer from this ‘energetic pollution’ and we are calling on the student healers to take up the work of ‘preparing the soil of the soul’ for progress. A world cannot enter Light and Life until the individuals are healed and ready to participate in it.

“We ask that you begin first with friends, family, and acquaintances. Then, once you are confident in the work, you move to small groups — then larger groups. This progressive approach will eventually prove to be more productive and efficient. Your assistance in this area is needed, my dear students, to promote the next phase of correction on your world. As always, when you have questions, ask your TA for guidance — ‘Ask and it is given!’

“Peace to you,
“The Circle of Seven.”

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“The giving of self, the illumination of truth, and the relief of suffering
are the noblest paths to higher consciousness.” – Teacher Ophelius, 2009. 11:11 Store

Mindedness to Suit and Numbers

Illawarra District, Australia, November 12, 2013.
Divine Self (Thought Adjuster).
Subject: “Mindedness to Suit and Numbers.”
(A personal message.)

Received by George Barnard.

Divine Self: “Not in your dreams would you be teaching algebra to a newly-born human infant. And it would never do to teach a two-year-old the ins and outs of quantum mechanics. The infant, and even the two-year-old, lack the mindedness to suit. Alas, so it is with you. Your deliberations have brought you to a steeply rising wall. It is smooth and slippery, and you have not the mountaineer’s equipment to scale its heights. You have not the mindedness to suit.

“Perhaps through revelation you would have some comprehension, temporary or permanent, even if you lacked true understanding. However, you can always count on the fact that the most complex and intricate can ever be explained in simpler terms, and here I will approach statistics as it is practiced by mortals on this world, as it is seen by the angelic ‘races’, and as it is ‘held in mind’ by Thought Adjusters and, of course, by all Creator Beings.

“For you (humans) it will suffice to pursue just one item of interest. You determine your sample, remove the outliers, perhaps compensate for sundry other factors and calculate the outcome. For the most advanced of Morontia Beings, your sample is too small. Their sample would be huge, massive, and thus there would be fewer outliers in proportion. And, as well, their items of interest might rather be in the hundreds, thousands even. Untold data would become available.

“Most remarkable of all, at least to your mind, would be how deity sees their sample. Not only is the outcome instantly known, the sample contains all available individuals, and not an item of potential research is overlooked. Mostly, time is irrelevant to deity, so it could be said that the very unasked question arrives with the instantaneous and appropriate answers. Such is the power of your Gods – to know all, past, present and future ‘dwelling’ a mere thought away.

“Still I have not answered the question of your heart so here it is in an instant, when you would work for days and weeks to research the subject by interviewing your sample of participants, one person at the time. Your average arrival at to your lists is tentative, even negative on the teachings. He or she will stick around, even through laziness as long as the lessons published are short, of common sense and logic. Only when a certain lesson fills a real need will you have succeeded.

“That is the subscriber’s ‘aha moment’, and from this point he or she will read the work with intent, intrigue, even with patience when the lessons don’t gel with their established beliefs. It opens minds, and it really does not matter if they then go their own way with whatever belief system or religion they prefer, as your dear Friend and Master Machiventa made clear. Always will you be about numbers, but you must also count those who learn from you, and then leave.

“Confer with me. I am as close to you as your heartbeat, whilst in time My very thoughts will be yours also, as you inherit the mindedness to suit.”

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Try coming out of the shadows, a little at the time – TA. 11:11 Store

According to His Will

Urantia, March 4, 2006.
Teacher: The Beloved.
Subject: “According to His Will.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved: “In the stillness of this hallowed hour, your sincere request for healing and banishing of all doubts in your genetic structure is already before the throne of God, the eternal Creator. He is aware of the burdens the mortals on this planet must carry as a result of the eons ago Lucifer rebellion.

Believe Me when I say that it is a balm for the Heart of God to hear petitions coming from this planet to remove this blight, so that your hearts and minds can become more free and joyful. as this enormous weight on your souls is slowly lifted, but only according to your willingness.

When more and more mortals desire and ask for this healing and cleansing it will sweep across this planet and beyond.

This genetic generational healing shall continue due to your and others’ requests. The more humans request this removal of doubt from their hearts and minds, the sooner this will happen.

Great plans for redemption have been set in motion, to help clear and strengthen the hearts, minds and souls of this planet’s inhabitants, when they individually show an inclination therefore.

Like peace and love, this needs to be desired by the individual, yes, but also according their willingness to receive. According to their faith it shall be done unto them.

Daily, new mindal connections are made in those who request them when they truly believe that this will happen.

Never underestimate the power of your Master Son, Jesus the Christ, Ruler of your universe. He said, “All these things you see Me do, you can do also, because I am going to My Father, and My Father and I are One. All you request of Me, and if it is according to the will of My and your Father, it shall be done. Only believe.”

This, My beloved, is the secret of your request. So, persist in your daily coming to Me to receive another lesson.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
I Am the Satisfaction of Your Soul — The Beloved One.

Unconditional Love: Loving Over and Beyond

Chicago, US of A, April 24, 2017.
Teacher: Secondary Midwayer, Sharmon.
Subject: “Unconditional Love: Loving Over and Beyond.”

Message received by Valdir Soares.

Sharmon: “Do human beings on Urantia really know what is meant by ‘Unconditional Love?’ Many people use this expression as romantic jargon and to cause an impression, but do they really know what it means? Unconditional Love catches the essence of true love. Love is not pure if it is not unconditional. Therefore, only God can give love in its most pure expression, because God loves with no respect for persons. In fact, it is impossible for human beings to show unconditional love by themselves, for such love needs to be a fruit of the Holy Spirit in you, enabling you to love over and beyond.

“Loving Over and Beyond Any Qualification. If you love unconditionally, no qualification — good or bad — in the person you love may alter your love. You will love if either the person is deserving or not, pleasant or irritating, good or bad — no qualification matters because your love is unconditional. A specific need about a person may determine the way love is expressed, but never the quality of unconditional love. The reason for loving somebody primarily resides on your will, a decision by you, and you decide if this love is going to be over and beyond any qualification, or not.

“Loving Over and Beyond Any Rejection. When somebody rejects you is when it hurts you most. When you are hurt may come the temptation to stop loving and give back evil for evil. But if you let anything in you — even the pain of rejection — prevent or diminish your love, then, a condition is created, and your love is no longer unconditional. You cannot pretend not being hurt by the rejection — it’s useless. The only way to love over and beyond a hurtful rejection is giving unconditional, complete and replete forgiveness. Then rejection will not stop your love.

“Loving Over and Beyond Any Perception. Unconditional love is regardless of what other people’s perception may say about it. People may not approve or praise your love; however, for your love it is immaterial; it doesn’t depend on praise or reproach, it doesn't depend on anything, for it is an unconditional love. You may feel happy or sad with others’ opinions, but nothing of that will change your love’s essence because your love is over and beyond other people’s perception. Unconditional love charges nothing and accepts no payment for it. It is priceless and ultimately ‘unpayable.’ It’s a love unimpressed by others’ evaluations.

“So, my dear friend, unconditional love is a very special business. Not everybody is capable of nurturing it, or even capable of showing it. There is no condition for this kind of love. It is so spiritual that it is almost unexplainable. It comes from God and needs the help of the Spirit of God to be manifested. But do not be discouraged. Perfect love requires perfection, and that, my friend, is a progressive experiential journey. We will get it one day on Paradise, but the journey starts here, on Urantia. I am Sharmon, the most charming of the Midway Realm. Love!”

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