The Most Important Lesson

Urantia, February 28, 2021.
Teacher: The Beloved.
Subject: “The Most Important Lesson.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved: “Dear one, let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. At times there are warnings of discomfort, which means for you to pay some attention to yourself.

“The heart is in the right place. However, at times it needs extra attention due to the stress and strain that are placed upon it, especially during trying times when much grief is experienced. Many people’s hearts are being strained due to circumstances beyond their control.

“This planet is in a state of great upheaval, and many of the more sensitive ones feel these disordered energies. To counteract this, enter more often into the Stillness of your heart, where I reside to stabilize the neural energies and to gain peace of mind.

“Prepare yourself and be strongly centered in your faith, because the medical establishment is not helping a certain restlessness, although at times they like to play God.

“First things must always come first. Check deep within and find the emotional source, as I desire for you to live in a state of total forgiveness of self and others, and to practice unconditional love at all times.

“This is the most important lesson I desire for you to learn.

“Become more aware of how you think about yourself and others. Elevate your thoughts into the positive stream of energy.

“Please, remember that I go with you through it all. You only need to remind yourself to come to Me, your Partner, who is ever ready and willing to help you command your thoughts onto a higher and more spiritual level.

“With Me you gain a true soul-peace and heart-rest.”

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Your Salvation

Alabama, US of A, September 27, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Your Salvation”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Salvation is a matter of personal achievement. Many human traditions promote the idea of a savior, someone who comes to free humanity from their self-imposed chains and to show the way to heaven. Indeed, these spiritual leaders can only do that – show the way – but have no power whatsoever to bring anybody to that path. Not even the Father dares to overrule the free will of any of His children. In the end, each individual is in charge of their own salvation.

“In this sense, achieving salvation represents the highest expression of human freedom. If you reach the personal presence of the Father in His likeness as a perfected being, it will be because of your decisions and your own effort. Achieving the goal of the ages means that a creature has reached perfection by taking control of each aspect related to her eternal destiny, using the power of her will and all the resources of her personality to become a being of light, consecrated to the divine will.

“For a long time, some irreflexive humans have considered freedom as the power to do whatever they want without having to answer for their actions – without any responsibility. However, this freedom is false. If you reject responsibility for your thoughts, decisions, and actions, you will inevitably become a marionette of destiny, a person who reacts to the situations in life always the same way, without making any progress. Your life would become chaos and the harmony of your physical systems would be affected. When an entire society lives in such a way, the evidences of disorder, chaos, lack of harmony, and regression become apparent in all aspects of the life of the members of that society.

“On the other hand, when you decide to take control over your own being – which, after all, is the only realm where you can exert complete control – you start the struggle to achieve self-mastery. Thus, you become independent of the material world, its situations, its appearances, its contradictions, and its false needs. It is then that you can choose your own path to achieve the highest, most beautiful, and most complete expression of your being. You have decided to understand and live the will of the Father and you have started to control each aspect of your personality and your thinking to be better. In the end, the result is an individual capable of navigating the confusing currents of this world without losing sight of the north that will bring her to an increasingly completer state, with more happiness and satisfaction.

“For this reason, the Master said, ‘He who rules his own spirit is mightier than he who takes a city’. Only you can make your own salvation possible, when you choose the path that leads to eternal life, transforming your being into the most beautiful creature, filled with truth and goodness, that you can imagine in this stage of your existence. This is the highest creative achievement of human life – a mutual collaboration between God and each human being.”

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The Mark of the Beast

Oregon, USA, October12, 2020
Thought Adjuster
Subject: “The Mark of the Beast”

Message received by Anyas

“God loves the sinner and hates the sin […] Sin is not a person. God loves the sinner because he is a personality reality (potentially eternal), while towards sin God strikes no personal attitude, for sin is not a spiritual reality; it is not personal; therefore, does only the justice of God take cognizance of its existence. The love of God saves the sinner; the law of God destroys the sin.” [UB 2:6.8]

Thought Adjuster: “The above statement gives much food for thought. In his Godlikeness, Jesus exemplified how the heavenly Father unconditionally loves the sinners without ever condoning their sins. Salvation and divine justice are acts of love and mercy.

Salvation from what? From sin and dysfunction. Therefore, the first step in that process is to help the sinners identify the nature of their sins to amend their ways and abide by the dictates of the Golden Rule—an injunction that is all about love.

God made you in his image. It is the matrix of your being. Sadly, the Lucifer Rebellion intentionally smeared the original blueprints, arguing that they were fakes based on the faulty premise that God did not exist.

Jesus, a divine Son, incarnated on Earth to stage a large-scale spiritual rescue operation. He lived as a sacrificial lamb among voracious packs of wolves—a sinless man among sinners. He spoke about his Father in an innovative and inspiring fashion; he introduced the foreign concept of forgiveness to revengeful individuals. His actions kept speaking for themselves after his words were silenced. Agonizing on the cross, his last deed was to forgive one more time—thus harvesting a few more souls for the Father.

What about you? Does forgiveness still elude you? Do you hold in contempt both the sinner and the sin? Such merciless denunciations deliver brutal blows. The Father never gives up on those who do not give up on themselves. His faith in you should encourage you to get anointed by Spirit and live up to your God-given potentials instead of living down to the sorry reputation Lucifer assigned his victims when he red-branded them as irredeemable sinners—the mark of the Beast.”

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Afterlife - What Lies Ahead (Part 1)

Asheville, NC, US of A, February 28, 2021.
Teacher: Vutia (Voot-cha).
Subject: “Afterlife - What Lies Ahead” (Part 1).

Message received by Chris Maurus.

Vutia: “Greetings to you my dear brother. Mansion World Teachers of the fifth sphere understand how important it is for you to have a reasonable construct in your mind for what lies ahead after the life in the flesh is over. Therefore, we would start with the path of the soul as it transitions from planetary life to the morontia life — resurrection on Mansion World #1. It would be negligent for me to tell you that all souls make this transition from Urantia to the morontia worlds as a rite of passage — for there are many difficulties for immature souls leaving this troubled world and we shall try to explain what happens to these souls that are not prepared for afterlife on the first sphere.

Sleeping Survivors: These souls have had enough light in consciousness during mortal life to understand that they may move on after death to another reality — they have the will to survive and seek some kind of progressive reality. Their Adjusters know they will be resurrected (by looking ahead), but their “dissociated consciousness” remains in a sleep-like state waiting for a planetary dispensation “roll call.”

“A Resurrection Angel moves these survivors if and when their former Thought Adjusters answer the roll call signaling a resurrection on Mansion World #1 where the morontia vessel (mind, form, and identity) has been prepared for the investiture of the dissociated consciousness and the TA counterparts of their surviving experience, values, and associations from planetary life. However, prior to the resurrection translation these survivors are shown in a “life review” what they require to be resurrected. This review provides the light, guidance, love, mercy, and forgiveness for their understanding. The only requirement for these survivors is to have the volition to progress — to “go on into the light of ascension.”

“Currently on your world, souls are processed at the time of their death and do not wait in a state of suspension for a planetary dispensation to be released en mass.

Immature Souls: If the dissociated consciousness (DC) has violated another soul during its’ former life in the flesh, they are shown, in the life review, what remedial steps (justice) are required of them to survive, progress, and be resurrected. These are to choose whether or not to follow the remedial path. If the DC chooses the remedial path — justice is served — no further justice is required. They go on to do the work that is required to bring balance to the souls that were violated during earth life, for they will eventually find enough light in consciousness through the remedial work (in the Earthbound Borderland) to ascend to the resurrection halls of Mansonia Number one #1.

“Depending on the seriousness of the violation, the remedial path may first appear to be too difficult for the soul to understand and continue. However, the DC of these violators will then find an equilibrium with other like consciousness in the borderland areas of the Earth plane until they are found either morally bankrupt by the TA and the Michael Government, or they develop the volition to incrementally progress to higher conscious states within the Earthbound borderland economy. There are many such virtual planes and constructs that support the various states of DC after death to facilitate and promote the volition for progress. There is much more to understand about this process.

“Every consideration and opportunity is provided by Christ Michael for survival if there is any moral value remaining in the DC. Always are you guided toward resurrection and always is your will sovereign.

“I will speak more about immature souls, their disassociated consciousness, and the remedial path to resurrection in my subsequent messages.

“In loving service,

“I AM Vutia.”

Receiver’s note: The term “disassociated consciousness” refers to that part of personality that survives without identity of physical form and has consciousness after death, but before morontia resurrection. Consciousness of personality in this state can only possess the volition to progress — actual progress and ascension requires personality consciousness having identity, mind, and form to function in universe realities and in association with other persons.

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“The giving of self, the illumination of truth, and the relief of suffering
are the noblest paths to higher consciousness.” – Teacher Ophelius, 2009. 11:11 Store


Urantia, February 27, 2021.
Teacher: The Beloved.
Subject: “Forever”.

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved: “Praise, love and gratitude are the keys to the Kingdom. I know that this has often been heralded, yet reminders are ever useful.

“The Great One is also very pleased when He hears the praises that alight from the human soul. The voiceless adoration of a single sincere human heart touches more deeply the spirit of God than does the outward performance of an entire choir.

“The Creator is vitally interested in the sincerity of the hearts of His manifold human children, because they echo the purity of Paradise. Purity and sincerity represent the seedbed for growth of an excellent character. Your Father/Mother Creator sees through the thickly laid veneer of all outward appearances.

“It is forever true what your Master Jesus once said to the Pharisees of His time: ‘On the outside you appear as white as snow, but on the inside, you are rotting away’.

“The great deeds that are done in the world are not so important to your God. They are the small services, secretly performed for another, in which the Father rejoices.

“It is the intent of a pure heart, followed by action, which yields the fruits of the spirit.

“The intent is always the key. Promises made to God in the secret silence of the heart, and followed through by the actions of a resolute mind, are the building blocks of a stalwart character.

“On such a one He depends to build His Kingdom on earth.

“It is in the daily coming to Me in the Silence that I keep My promise to you, to show you sights unseen by the human eye to the Glory of the Creator.

“Come, follow Me deeper into the Silence of your being, where the unseen treasures are held in wait for you.

“And you will sing with Joy, forever.”

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