The Ultimate Blueprint

Urantia, February 06, 2021.
Teacher: The Beloved.
Subject: “The Ultimate Blueprint.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved: “This is another moment etched in eternity. You simply can have no concept of what these times in Stillness dedicated to Me are doing for your soul, your heart and your mind. As a direct result, this very delicate harmonizing and balancing will resonate into our distant future together.

“The rejoicing in heaven is beyond your mortal ears, but your soul responds with a gladness that shall slowly rise more firmly into your material consciousness.

“This is the real life, which is lived in the inner life. This is what your Master Jesus alluded to, when He said: “You live in this world, but you are not of this world, in this world you shall have tribulation.”

“Why?” you question: This is to teach you in accordance with your choices and your personal decisions. For God gave each mortal child the free will to choose.

“The true worth of life is found through your learning to live in the unseen. It is that private existence you share with Me – a Fragment of the Creator God. He knows, sees and understand; and is with you every step of the way in your everyday choices, your more difficult decisions, and their resultant causes and effects.

“Consider the learning that results from these decisions; and the character building which is totally in your hands. Only when you listen to your Guidance within – because I hold the ultimate blueprint of your life – a real soul development happens in the unseen, and through the law of cause and effect, it makes its presence known in the seen.

“Truly, you can live a life in abundant joy, but only when you choose to live it close to Me.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
I Am the Satisfaction of Your Soul — The Beloved One.

About Accredited Aristocrats

Oregon, USA, March 19, 2021.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “About Accredited Aristocrats.”

Message received by Anyas.

“[Jesus] paid no attention to public opinion, and he was uninfluenced by praise. He seldom paused to correct misunderstandings or to resent misrepresentation. He never asked any man for advice; he never made requests for prayers. [UB 141:7.12] He was never excited, vexed, or disconcerted. [ . . .] He was at times saddened, but never discouraged.” [UB 141:7.13]

Thought Adjuster: “Jesus was a genuine Teacher in Godlikeness — in words and demeanors. His life was devoid of the many conflicts that plague those who are all show but no substance — one significant reason for the rampant spiritual confusion on your world.

When undergoing challenging times, his steady Go-To was his “heavenly Father.” Without relying 100% on His expert guidance, he would never have succeeded in laying a rock-solid foundation for the earthly kingdom of Heaven, something that no human being had ever achieved on their merit.

If you are passionate about doing the Father’s will, you will squander no time nor life force in depleting interactions. Jesus found out that the best way to make headways was to remain calm and collected when exposed to faulty human demeanors.

His undivided allegiance was to the Father’s business. It is how he infused saving grace into human affairs. For those who devote their lives to higher service, all other things fall into place, as they are “in the flow.”

Jesus was keenly aware that intense human emotions may turn into agents of unbalance. He remained emotionally alert, wisely steering away from the convoluted tracks of traumatic emotional roller coasters, which are neither the easiest nor the shortest way to get from point A to point B safely.

Approach each day with the heartfelt intention to implement the practical tools that Jesus left at your disposal to become like him — a positive force of change in a grief-stricken world. Your success will inject a welcome breath of fresh air. Eventually, the drama kings and queens of your dysfunctional society will grow weary and tender their resignation to wholeheartedly accept Jesus’ extended invitation to partake in his spiritual aristocracy.”

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“The Inner Sherpa – Daily Manna from Above” and
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Illawarra District, Australia, February 13, 2008.
Samuel of Panoptia.
Subject: “Journaling.”

Received by George Barnard.

Samuel: “The subject of today has been covered before, and quite recently. However, this is rather an important one, and we do not mind repeating lessons of the past, especially if little notice has been taken of the earlier suggestions. This is your Teacher Samuel.

“The lesson for you today has, as always, been approved by Machiventa Melchizedek. It is for your dear friend, Midwayer Chief ABC-22 to facilitate after having so unceremoniously awoken you from your slumber (see note), and it is for me to once more bring you this lesson on documentation, yes, journaling.

“There are as many paths that can lead you back home to the Creator of All as there are individuals that journey there. There are many ways to become a more spiritual being in your all-important earth life, and there are a great number of methods whereby you can boost your essential progress. One of these is to simply, willfully, become a dedicated servant to others. One of these is to serve in becoming a teacher to others. And it is regarding the latter that we point out once more that there is meditation, there is the practice of stilling the mind, and there are methods of visualization.

“The much more common way is for one to detail one’s daily happenings and observations, one’s feelings, and to also document one’s prayers to the Creator of All, to eventually receive His acknowledging answers, thus bringing His subjects into closer association with their Fragments of God to receive the lessons that are so very much needed on your world.

“If you have long thought of keeping a journal, then do remember to go out and buy the bound blank pages that will slowly transform your existence as you jot down your thoughts, your ideas, your request and prayers, on each day.

“Many of you are ‘living in your pasts’ with blurred, inaccurate references that are of little or no use. Diligent journaling will help you to ‘gracefully live in the now,’ adequately learn from your pasts, and profitably plan your futures. This is Samuel of Panoptia. I pass on the love of myriad Guardians to all.”

George: “Thank you Samuel.”

Receiver’s note: I actually fell asleep during stillness and was jolted (shocked) into awareness. Midwayers are electrical beings.

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
You lit a Flame, and it will become a Raging Fire — ABC-22.

About Wholehearted Singleness of Purpose

Oregon, USA, March 18, 2021.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “About Wholehearted Singleness of Purpose.”

Message received by Anyas.

“[Jesus] told them that he had come to do his Father’s will and only his Father’s will. Being thus motivated by a wholehearted singleness of purpose, he was not anxiously bothered by the evil in the world.” [UB, 141:7.11]

Thought Adjuster: “Because he was all business about implementing the divine will, Jesus acknowledged the evil in the world without being ‘anxiously bothered’ by it.

One by one, he elucidated the spiritual dilemma that plague the human condition — consistently demonstrating hands-on the do-ability of their remediation. The Fifth Epochal Revelation of The Urantia Book provides a detailed account of his biography and the original flavor of his teachings, thus constituting a much-needed Owner’s Manual filled with practical tips for righteous living. As well, his Spirit of Truth bestowed on all flesh post mortem is forever freely accessible to all as an inspirational Life Coach.

How do you respond to the glaring manifestations of planetary evil? Chronic complainers sentence themselves to spend an unhappy life in the jail of helplessness. Those who emulate Jesus’ detached attitude as an observer of iniquity operate from a place of mental clarity. Their analytical thinking leads them to come up with proactive and realistic solutions.

Jesus was not conflicted about his earthly mission. What about you? Shouldn’t you demonstrate the ‘singleness of purpose’ that he brilliantly role modeled? The setting of clear intentions propels you toward their eventuation. It cannot be otherwise due to the supremacy of the cosmic rule of cause-and-effect.

There is a solution — a ‘soul-ution’ — to every puzzling predicament. Start by enunciating your issue in minute details before scouting for the corresponding gems of living truth encrypted in Jesus’ exemplary life and teachings. You will become an expert at deciphering his ever-relevant subliminal input. As a man among men, Jesus was fully cognizant of the challenges of the human condition and well-versed in the matters of the heart.”

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“The Inner Sherpa – Daily Manna from Above” and
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Never Mind, Race, Creed or Color

Urantia, July 16, 2021.
Teacher: The Beloved.
Subject: “Never Mind, Race, Creed or Color.”

Message Received by Lytske

The Beloved: “The sincere and humble of heart, who earnestly desire to do the will of God, have embarked upon a most glorious journey. Always be humble, but at the same time be fearless in proclaiming your faith in the goodness and the love of God.

“It needs to be said time and again: “I, God, change not.”

“Your olden records have depicted Me as being as changeable as the seasons, and with an assortment of human emotions. This is an entirely erroneous concept and totally outdated even though the Master Jesus, long ago portrayed Me as the unconditionally loving Father of all.

“The evolving mind of man had to make sense of everything it experienced in life, and humanity had an inborn fear of anything they did not understand, but needed to reason about. So many minds conceived of all kinds of erroneous concepts, especially the ‘chosen people’ concept, which helped some to feel better about themselves.

“This is only true on the spiritual level. Fact is: that each person is chosen, never mind, race, creed or color. Each one is chosen in as much as they choose to listen to Me, the still Voice within.

“I endeavor to teach humankind to help uplift their mind to a more spiritual way of thinking and living. This is the reason why a period of daily Stillness is so important, for if you do not take the time to listen to Me, how then will you learn to listen to Me?

“To the listening heart I speak, so it may understand and gain help and comfort in knowing God’s will in daily life. I will never coerce you to listen. The Father desires all His children to learn to willingly cooperate with His will.

“In desiring to do the will of God, great benefits will accrue in the mortal personality – in the building of strong harmonious, balanced and a spiritually fragrant character.

“Such can be gained while yet in the mortal flesh.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
I Am the Satisfaction of Your Soul — The Beloved One.