Transcending Peace

Alabama, US of A, August 24, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Transcending Peace”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Would it not be wonderful to feel this peace that is beyond reason or limits all the days of your life? This really is possible since your life is in the hands of the Father and therefore you have nothing to worry about. It is true that the fight for survival in this world can sometimes be very hard, but the peace of knowing that you are a true child of God can be present even in the direst of situations.

“There are those who live an average life and they judge it to be a very hard life. Others live similar lives and consider them as something great and fortunate. The difference is in the amount of faith invested in life. The former believe their life is a product of chance and circumstances. The latter group knows that there is a reason behind everything and that everything happens for the greatest good of all beings in the universe.

“You may ask yourself: how can one experience such peace if one has nothing to eat? If one has no place to sleep? If one is afraid for one’s life? I say to you that this peace is possible because it doesn’t depend on external factors or the happenings in this world. It is an internal assuredness, a product of the relationship of a creature with his or her Creator. At those moments of desperation, remember that your destiny is eternity and perfection. This has been mandated by your Father and nobody can interrupt your path toward your eternal destiny to reach the presence of God.

“Remember the example of the Master — Michael of Nebadon — who never renounced His faith or His love for His Father and His children/brothers — not even while he was nailed to a cross. He knew that death was simply the ticket to return home to a higher place of greater beauty. Every uncomfortable moment you experience in this world is always temporal, a fleeting episode. Such is the nature of everything you find during your journey in the material world. Everything comes and goes, except the love you offer one another.”

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Peace and Assurance

Michigan, US of A, January 30, 2011.
Teacher Athenia.
Subject: “Peace and Assurance.”

Received by Chris.

Teacher Athenia: “Today’s message is about living in a state of peace and assurance even when others, events, and situations around you seem to be in a state of turmoil. How do you find this peace and assurance in a world that seems to accentuate the negative and where inequality and injustice abound? Where do you turn when the walls of despair close in around you? The faith sons and daughters of the Creator carry with them the inner peace of the Indwelling Spirit, and they draw from the Source of this peace and love – the Universal Father, whose presence permeates all of creation. When a child of God learns how to draw from this well of living water this eternal peace and assurance, nothing can shake the foundation of that child’s solace even in the midst of adversity.

“The first and most important essential piece of assurance a child of the Creator can have is to accept that he or she is the beloved offspring of the God of creation, who by faith believes in the sovereignty of the Universal Father – your Father, the first cause and eternal Upholder of all there is. Just by recognizing and acknowledging this parent/child relationship is all that is needed to secure eternal life and to begin the process of ascension and forward progression. There is nothing that a man, woman, priest, or religious institution can say or do in this world that can permit or deny the passage of this faith son or daughter from achieving and attaining the gift of eternal life which is available to all men and women that are indwelled by the Spirit of the living God of all creation – the inner Pilot, the Thought Adjuster.

“The second most important assurance is to broaden your view of eternity. You are at the very beginning of a long and astonishing career as a universe citizen whose possibilities for having nigh infinite experiences for learning and growth as you seek perfection, will afford you every opportunity to become like God. Though you may find yourself in this world with some dysfunction or handicap that prevents you from what would seem a normal or exemplary life according to societal definitions, you can rise above these temporal limitations by tapping into the Source of creation and preparing yourself for your eternal career by seeking, learning, and doing the Will of your Creator Father. All things are possible, as all things are changing. Your lot in life is not set in stone and you are worthy as the child of the Creator to create your own reality.

“The third most important assurance is to remember that life is a school. You are here to learn important lessons, and the experiences you have are designed to orient you on a path to perfection. Some lessons are painful and hard, others are joyful, yet all will contribute to the formation and development of the soul – the evolving personality of the universe citizen. Become aware of this schooling process and ask that you be shown the meaning of the lesson or trial that you may learn from it and move on to the next. Avoid the hard and repeating lessons by seeking and doing the Will of your Paradise Father, for He loves you and wants you to experience joy, peace, and love.

“Keep in mind these three assurances as you live out your life on the earth plane and you will find the peace that surpasses all understanding.

“Good day,
“The Circle of Seven.”

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“The giving of self, the illumination of truth, and the relief of suffering
are the noblest paths to higher consciousness.” – Teacher Ophelius, 2009.

Handle My Sheep with Kid Gloves!

Oregon, USA, March 13, 2021
Thought Adjuster
Subject: “Handle My Sheep with Kid Gloves!”

Message received by Anyas

“. . . how many times have I instructed you to refrain from all efforts to take something out of the hearts of those who seek salvation? How often have I told you to labor only to put something into these hungry souls? Lead men into the kingdom, and the great and living truths of the kingdom will presently drive out all serious error.” [UB, 141:6.2]

Thought Adjuster: “Much consideration should be given to Jesus’ adjunction as to the ‘spiritually correct’ way to minister to souls exhibiting some degree of receptivity. Instead of pointing an accusatory finger at their erroneous belief systems, Jesus waved an inviting hand to entice them into a compassionate community that would take all necessary steps to mend their broken hearts and enlighten their confused minds.

Jesus was a brilliant intuitive psychologist. He grasped that frontal attacks on faulty belief systems are harmful and counterproductive as they place their quarry on the defensive—thus slamming shut the precious window of opportunity that opened when that individual took a tentative first bite in life-giving, organic truth.

Aggressive approaches sound inner alarms that trigger emergency shutdowns. Jesus’ proven strategy was to plant seeds of understanding in the fallow soil of promising souls—letting them grow at their own pace.

Hungry souls are certainly begging for sustenance but will regurgitate any spiritual nutrients for which they are not producing yet the corresponding digestive enzymes due to their prolonged spiritual fasting. Identify their most pressing needs and lovingly cater to them. Never force-feed anyone, as it will cause resistance and resentment—and sadly at times life-long aversions.”

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The Gift Of Life

Idaho, US of A, December 8, 2003.
Midwayer Char
Subjeect: “The Gift Of Life”

Received by Sandy Montee

Char: “Good evening everyone. This is Midwayer Char. I am here to greet you all on this cold winter’s night in the mountains of North Idaho. Let us give tribute to Christ Michael in this season of celebration and holidays.

“It is a time to share with our fellow comrades and to see the delight of the children as they dream of gifts of dolls and toy trucks. A time of friendly greetings of ‘Merry Christmas’ and ‘Happy New Year,’ and more than usual smiles on the faces of everyone you meet.

“The gift of life also extends to the many who donate the ultimate gift of body organs to give hope to the brother or sister who could not continue to live without a new heart, liver, or kidney. It seems one person’s sorrow of losing a loved one in death is another person’s hope for life.

“This hits close to home for this receiver, who is praying for such a miracle. A son-in-law who has lain in a hospital bed for six weeks already, has been close to death many times, and his time is running out without a liver transplant being available.

“A family holds onto each other, and prays only for Gods Will to be done. A wife and two sons are counting their blessings for the close love they have been able to share. For them it will be a Christmas where the biggest and best gift of all will be that they are together.

“I have been here with Sandy and her family, constantly, during these past weeks and have watched as they give each other unconditional love. I have witnessed the many heartaches and tears when this man seems so close to death, and the laughter and happy tears when he rallies again to fight for his life.

“Christ Michael paid this man a visit when he was in a coma, and he now knows where he is going if he is to leave this life, still a young man.

“That decision is up to God. Keeping our faith is up to us.”

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Experiencing Conscious Contact – Part 8

Asheville, NC, US of A, November 28, 2021.
From the Desk of Chris Maurus.
Subject: “Experiencing Conscious Contact – Part 8.”

Dear Friends and Light Workers,

This continuing series will expand and explain the eleven facets identified in Part 3, “The Framework for Conscious Contact.” This message takes a deeper look at the sixth facet: “6. Statements of condition (self-evaluation of current spiritual conditions & challenges)”

It is here that you strip away all your armor and lay bare the essence of your soul — and have a very candid and honest conversation with your Thought Adjuster (TA) from the perspective of the child. Having already stated your desire for spiritual growth and progress, you now take a deep look inside to see where you recognize what may be preventing you from that growth? Speak openly about these challenges you face; what it’s like to be you (boots on the ground), and consider what you might do co-creatively to transcend those difficulties? Do not, however, spend ANY time beating yourself up for your immaturity as a soul — you are here to grow and progress! Recognize, as an observer, the things you already know you need work on, and ask the TA to “fight alongside you,” to help you move beyond the repeating patterns of what does not serve you.

“My Beloved TA, I know that I need work on _____________ to be more like my Heavenly Father.” “Please remind me before I speak and act, to choose the path that leads to greater light.”

Please note: You and the TA are partners, and it is of the highest good that you grow and progress. The TA is keenly interested in your “willful desire” to correct those things that hinder your growth! Please express this willful desire by courageously examining these less-perfect aspects of your beliefs and behaviors, and how you limit yourself? Again, stay positive — if necessary, imagine you are a rose bush being lovingly pruned that you may become more beautiful having the dead and diseased branches cut off — then receiving the admiration of the Gardener as he sees in you the potential for producing the most beautiful flowers in the garden.

Acknowledge that you have blind spots. All of us have them at this level of evolution, and you can ask the TA to show you the blind spots that you may recognize them when they show up. The more you look inward, the more will you recognize those things in your behavior that do not serve your highest good. Recognition is co-awareness; correction is willful alignment with the guided path that leads to growth and progress. Your TA is patiently waiting and fully supportive of all progressive thoughts and actions that lead to your transcendence.

“Beloved, what am I not seeing that is slowing my growth?” “Please show me these things that I may recognize them and then inspire me to take the needed actions to transcend them.”

Your imperfection is a blessing; your growth moments are cherished; your experiences are treasures. A growing soul is one that looks forward to the next destiny point of greater understanding — moving ever closer to unity with the TA. A progressive consciousness transcends, not by seeking, but by being. You create the moments of transcendence — you do not wait for those moments to occur. Transcendence awaits in Conscious Contact with the Thought Adjuster — seize the moment!


Peace to you,
Chris Maurus

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“The giving of self, the illumination of truth, and the relief of suffering
are the noblest paths to higher consciousness.” – Teacher Ophelius, 2009.