Urantia, September 21, 2012. (date of transcription).
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “A Lesson on Privilege.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Dear one, allow Me to voice My thoughts on privilege. Few humans as yet realize that although life is a gift to be enjoyed, it also is a privilege to give back to the Creator what is really His to begin with. The Creator generously bestows upon each creature a most valuable gift – that of life itself – and yet there are countless people who do not think twice about taking their own life or someone else’s life. With this deed they do not only deny themselves to live life to the fullest to become what the Creator intended them to be, but they also deny another person that right. No one has the right or the privilege to take what is not theirs.

The taking of a life is something that belongs in the ‘book of yesteryear’. It is time for humanity to come to grips with the concept of mine and thine, and fully understand the difference. It goes without saying that even the character trait of honesty is a privilege to be cultivated. We are speaking here of the greater values in life – honesty with the self and with all others. Each human being is valued beyond measure as a unique masterpiece. You cannot of yourselves take away anything God has given you without overstepping your boundaries by taking, or doing away with, that which is not rightfully yours to take or do away with. This is something which needs to be clearly understood. It is part of being sincere and honest.

“These matters will be further elucidated in the next (morontia) life. It will be a privilege for you to learn all the joys that are in store for you. But to gain access to these, it is required of you that you make gains in sincerity and more sincerity. Eventually there will not be a shadow of insincerity found in you, because you are then on the way to become more mature in your being-ness. This needs to also be understood. You will earn the privilege of becoming a fully-fledged spirit. This is the way and the truth of growing up, into that which is your privilege to become. For a long, long time, you will be a work in progress, always being on the look-out for where you can improve in character. It is a foregone conclusion in the mind of God, that once you start out to seek, and do His will, that you have started upon the road everlasting and in the mind of God, it is then already a fait accompli that you shall be perfect, never mind the intervening ages in between.

“The sooner you realize what a great gift in living life and what a great opportunity you have been given in this ascension plan to become perfect even as the Father on Paradise is perfect, the sooner you will accept each day as a gift and as the privilege to live to the best of your knowledge and capability. In time, as you sharpen your senses and notice how far you still have to go towards that perfection, do not become discouraged, for it will be the eternal hope, being kept alive in the human breast, which will keep you going. Remember also, you are never bereft of celestial assistance and heaven’s help in the form of the Spirit of Truth, which has been so generously and freely bestowed upon all normal thinking minds. Do take advantage of this great privilege and you will become forever grateful for having been born.

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We are each other at our spiritual Root Source – ABC-22, January 1972.