Illawarra District, Australia, September 23, 2012.
Andite Leader Ionah.
Subject: “Of Past and Future.”

Received by George Barnard.

George: “You are as good as your word, now as 13000 years ago.”

Ionah: “The members of our teaching group and I greet you. In conversing with you, we are taking ‘time out’ from our normal reversion break. However, there is a reason for this contact, and it will become clear. What draws me to your world is that it is my world also, through the ‘blood I inherited’ from the Nodites and the Adamites. As well, two of my closest friends still with you, Chief ABC-22, and Primary Midwayer Andrea, were our companions on the ocean journey from Japan to South America.

“On top of that, my drive, my task, and my very nature was the achievement of progress at a time when it had become urgent for the Red Race to be upstepped by the best the then established world could offer – consider Asia foremost, but Europe and Africa as well. And there, my group who know me so well, are comparing my sea-faring band of long ago, so intent on improving the physicality and intellect of the Red Man, with the efforts of the 11:11 Progress Group focussed solely on promoting a more spiritual life for many thousands.

“We both are brothers in service to Michael, and I mentioned intent. Intent, pure and simple, but pure intent above all, is all that counts. Much was achieved by those who brought their knowledge of genetics, plant life, skills, and diverse trades to the Americas. Much was later lost because there was no follow-up migration from either Japan or from any of the tropical archipellagos that dotted the Southern Pacific Ocean, and whose beautiful islands were slowly reduced in size until almost all of these sank over the generations.

“Many of the countless thousands who inhabited these islands and atols ‘shipped themselves back’ to Asia’s solid ground. Many who were left behind without either the trees, or even the skills to fashion sea-worthy vessels were doomed for the lack of food if not cannibalized by their kin as conditions deteriorated, populations were reduced, and tribes inbred and acquired mental illnesses in these slowly worsening circumstances. A young planet such as our Urantia is capable of disappointing the most well-intended and best-laid plans.

“Today, melting ice-caps once again threaten to slowly inundate low-lying lands, but you will be prepared. Today your gravest danger lies in a global monetary melt-down. Educate yourselves about those lurking dangers which your governments refuse to proclaim, even admit. Be prepared for unfolding difficulties with shortages of the staples of life, empty supermarket shelves, yes, and unavailable energy supplies, for those entrusted with the management of the currencies have shirked their tasks, and all will pay.

“As in the past, so the future on our planet, my friend, where life is tough and minds are seasoned to become the most useful in our universes. This is Ionah, may billowed sail see you home, my friend, although without hurry I hasten to add, yes, at the Creator’s appointed time, for life is forever.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
We are each other at our spiritual Root Source – ABC-22, January 1972.

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