Michigan, US of A, September 30, 2012.
Teacher Ophelius.
Subject: “Personality and Loving the Self.”

Received by Chris.

Teacher Ophelius: “The message for today is about personality and loving the self. Loving the self is the one most important first step toward conditioning the mind for the development of a healthy and joy filled spiritual life that is rich in mercy, forgiveness, and unconditional love for others. I’m not speaking about egotistical self-love, but the recognition of the self as a worthy soul in the eyes of the Creator – one that is loved and valued as an important part of the Whole and one upon whom God has bestowed a unique aspect of personality that exists nowhere else in the grand universe. God is no respecter of persons, and so no other is more important to Him than any other – all are equally loved and valued, each having been given a fragment of the this Creator Father to live in the mind as the Supreme Guide and Divine Pilot that can secure your place in eternity and bring you to godlike perfection.

“The First Source and Center, the Creator Father, knows you and loves you, for He especially created (designed) and bestowed this absolute unique aspect of personality to you as a gift of absolute love, especially for you, that you may live, and move, and have your being, and share with the Creator those unique experiences that only you and your unique personality can have in the creation. Think about that for a moment – how truly important you are to God?

“There is no other person on your world or in the universe who can diminish this Father/child relationship or your value to the Creator Father. There is no king, celebrity, head of state, man or woman that is more important to the Creator than you are. Now, knowing this, and also knowing that all beings living on the time space worlds were created imperfect by design, so they may learn, grow, and progress toward perfection through experience, all must learn to recognize the potential that each one possesses as well as to have tolerance for these same imperfections in others that are to be overcome in the ascension as you become more and more like God—this is a true reality.

“If you feel you have an imbalance of imperfections and have developed negative qualities of personality because of social conditions, family positions, life hardships, and other factors that have brought you to a feeling of unworthiness, then my friend, you must begin to clear away those negative qualities and replace them with positive qualities. Recognizing and becoming aware of these negative qualities is the first step to real progress forward – you are on the road to healing and shedding the chains that bind you and prevent you from seeing the true personality that God sees when He looks at His child in finality.

“I want you to imagine, for a moment, if you could separate and remove all the negative qualities you have gathered to yourself, what would your personality look like and feel like? What is left is the embryo of your true personality – the potential, the diamond in the rough, the emerging soul! Yes, this is the key my friends, to see this emerging soul – the true personality, free of negative qualities, and begin to feed and nurture it and make it healthy so you can answer the call of the Creator to be perfect as He is perfect. You are so dearly loved, and so you must learn to love what God has given you – life, unique personality, and an eternal soul to love and nurture. See it, feel it, and become it!

“Peace to you,
“The Circle of Seven.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
“The giving of self, the illumination of truth, and the relief of suffering are the noblest paths to higher consciousness.” – Teacher Ophelius, 2009.