Urantia, February 2, 2012.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Togetherness.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “In your meditation this morning you picked up on my word togetherness, as well as the words, ‘the time we spend in togetherness'. This is exactly what being in the stillness meditation is; spending time together with your Spark from God within, who ‘travels with you’ in your every thought, in your every move, and who especially notes every choice and decision you make.

“It is vital for you to realize that you have this Spark from God within you, who can help you choose, if you so desire. It is an irrefutable fact that thinking mortals have the free will to choose which action to take, after hopefully having thought out all the ramifications resulting there from, since all causes create an effect, as you have time and again experienced in your lifetime.

“Life’s experiences are made up from choices and decisions, whether they have been considered or made impulsively. So I would counsel you that, since you have an all-knowing on-board Partner, to make more use of Me in our times of meditative togetherness, and ask for clarification and insight especially into situations which baffle you.

“At first your response must be to wait if nothing is forthcoming at that very moment. Usually the answers to these requests are made manifest in different ways, since there is no instant gratification with God, as God’s time is different to yours. The secret of course is to pay attention even during the busy-ness of your day, to perchance have an insight come to you so unexpectedly, that you almost ‘walk past your very blessings’. Yes, they go so often unnoticed, and sometimes are only realized much later.

“Life is like this; the more you take Me into your confidence, and you can, as I know all about you and know you better than you know yourself, the more it becomes expedient for you to remember that you have the choice to also experience Me in your everyday life. I am only a thought away and in the blink of an eye, so to speak, can you be back in our togetherness.

“Please take advantage of My presence, for I am your unique Gift from God. It will become a most marvelous feeling for you to walk your everyday life in knowing company with the God of your being, your Partner, your co-Creator on board. So My question to you is: Why don’t you experience our togetherness more often? Life will become more peaceful and joyful, knowing that you, the captain of your life, have a Pilot at hand to help you over the hurdles in life as we, together, shall clear them. Please think about how you can get to know Me better in our times of togetherness.

“The answer is really so simple; just come to Me at any time, for I am always here for you.”

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