No Offence and No More Lucifer

Illawarra District, Australia, July 13, 2019.
Teacher: The Damascus Scribe.
Subject: “No Offence and No More Lucifer.”

Message received by George Barnard.

George: “I think I might have offended you when last we spoke.”

The Scribe: “In all the time I have known you, which is many years longer than you have known Me, you have never offended Me. You see, as a Child of the All-that-Is in all of His universes, I can no more be offended by you than can He or can Michael. It is for the Gods to know the very reason why you do what you do, or say what you say, before you do it or say it. Yes, and even if you meant to offend us, we just could not be offended.

“You see, my friend, we created the space-time playground and placed you all in there to have you experience mortal life. You cannot know what we know, you must find out in time and We, Thought Adjusters, at least for a time, experience life with you. For all of you, in time, to be just like us is what we aim for and meanwhile we simply take what we get: no offence. The Gods are your true examples in life — all loving, understanding and patient.

“It is my deeply-felt view that in both, our 11:11 Progress Group publications and our private conversations, the mention of the sordid Lucifer Rebellion has been, hmm . . . done to death. And yes, life on this planet is tough. And as you often say; ‘we know this already,’ and I acknowledge that, too. Still, the rewards are commensurately in line with the toughness of existing on this planet. So, let us say this is Urantia, unlike any other sweet and happy world and let’s see if we all will make it or break it.

George: “OK. Just take it as it comes.”

The Scribe: “Precisely. I assure you that this planet is seen by many deeply involved celestials as one of the most successful nurseries to produce useful eternal lives and that many, truly many spiritual giants with their Urantia ‘birth certificates’ (He made receiver laugh) are on their way to becoming the most valued Advisors, Princes, Ambassadors and Helpers of the deep-space universes the Father will populate. You will one day have nothing but praise for the accidental testing ground that was Urantia.

“May you fare well. I Am the Damascus Scribe.”

George: “Thank you Teach. Come back soon.”

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