Chicago, US of A, December 5, 2012.
Teacher Hezekiah.
Subject: “Evidence of Genuine Spirituality.”

Received by Valdir Soares.

“Evolutionary religions are presumed to teach spirituality, but they frequently miss the obvious; that matter has little to do with spirituality. Matter is indeed a means to spirituality, but it does not define the spiritual. Throughout the ages, religions have been expressed through the building of temples, the making of ‘holy’ objects, and the practice of ‘sacred’ rituals, in trying to form a bridge to the spiritual, yet sadly distorting true spirituality that comes from within, from the soul. Spirituality neither negates material realities, nor does it rely on the material. Its essence is spirit, its source is God, and its repository is the human soul.

“Pause to consider that spirituality does not define you at the present time. The day will come when you will acquire a spiritual nature, but for now spirituality in you is a construct of values inspired by the Spirit Within, perceived by your mind, and manifested in your soul through its most genuine characteristic: Faith. In other words, in your current condition, that which really defines your spirituality is your faith in God. Faith is spiritual because it believes in life beyond matter, eternal salvation in God. Irrespective of how it labels these spiritual realities, faith is basic, the first evidence of real spirituality.

“Further evidence of spirituality – the most beautiful – is love. Religiosity without love is an empty shell, words without substance, mere dogmas of a sad and barren life. While faith is totally subjective – from you and for yourself – whilst love is altruistic – from you to everybody else. Love is spiritual because it originates in God, and God is Spirit. Loving is not to want somebody only for you; love is to give the best of yourself to everybody else. Love is what makes your spirituality meaningful, not self-centered religiosity. Love is faith, propelled by the outgoing force of God’s goodness.

“Finally, genuine spirituality is evident through genuine humility. Religion often has been associated with human pride, through self-righteousness, by the display of good deeds and personal exaltation. How different from the spirituality shown by the humble Carpenter of Nazareth, who considered His most valuable treasure his humble, tender, and unsophisticated relationship with God, whom He graciously called ‘My Father in Heaven’! Humility is natural, effortless and tremendously simple. Being so authentic, humility is the right way to express sincere spirituality – nothing less and nothing more than who you really are; neither worse, nor better than any other son or daughter of God.

“These characteristics, my dear, constitute the evidence of true spirituality. There is a vast difference between being religious and being spiritual. Spirituality can only come from what is spiritual, whilst religion can, and sadly has been, associated with things that are far from spiritual. True spirituality cannot exist without realization and acceptance of the ministry of the Spirit of God within you. You and anyone else, irrespective of your present moral condition, can cultivate genuine spirituality, so take the time to listen to, and follow, the sweet and tender voice of the Spirit Within. In this fashion a re-birth in real life beyond matter, beyond false ego, and beyond sin, will be yours!”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
We are each other at our spiritual Root Source – ABC-22, January 1972.