Midwayers’ Name-codes – Part Two

Midwayers’ Name-codes – Part Two.
From the Desk of George Barnard – August 12, 2019.

The Argentinian man, Angel, seemed to know what the people from his homeland needed. They needed to urgently go back to where they came from, he reasoned, because in Australia their women shopped till they dropped and the men lost their grip on family life. This caused a veritable epidemic of divorces.

It became clear there was some merit in what the senior citizen, Angel, espoused: South American marriages were drifting onto the rocks, wholesale, and even the ‘angels’ were concerned. And there appeared Dr. Mendoza! The term “Emenohwait” was actually MNO8. George’s Spirit Friend, “Dreyfus” was actually DEF5 and “Ahbecetutu” or “Bzutu” was ABC22, of course, easy when you have the answers, but Chief Bzutu only shrugged. He could not have cared less about that belated discovery or whatever he was called.

People have names, Spirit Guardians should have names, but these were numbers or codes I had never heard of. Was I the only fool taking orders from those who mostly turned up when it suited them? The Midwayer, Dr. Mendoza, however, had begun to accompany me on healing ventures. With one notable exception, Dante Alighieri was the only one I knew who worked with ‘spirits’ like my friends. Dante was the only one I knew about, since my family owned his Divine Comedy in french. I read that book, more than just once.

There was Winston Churchill with his eleventh month, eleventh day, eleventh hour. Maybe, just maybe, but Dante Alighieri had two Guides, Virgil and Beatrice. Everyone knew Virgil, I thought, but Beatrice was not the neighborhood lady Dante adored. Beatrice was BeAhTriCe, BA3C or ABC3, Bzutu’s older sister — a tall, blonde and rather smart Adamic-looking lady. I must have gotten strong confirmation of that fact, but I don’t now remember which Celestial verified my conclusion.

Forward to the year 2000
It was the day before I was to take a plane trip to the US when I remembered about Dante and his Guide in the celestial regions and I wrote to a friend in Idaho that Dante Alighieri knew Beatrice, ABC3, Bzutu’s older sister. Checking my email during the morning of my departure, I found an email from my friend wishing me a safe journey. Surprise! There was a second message from him, saying, “You spoke to us about Beatrice and she was here!”

Moments later I felt the warmest and most loving of embraces as the Lady ABC3 hugged me for letting folks know it was she who worked with Dante at that critical time.

And it’s just a small thought from George Barnard.

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