Common Ground

Alabama, US of A, May 13, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Common Ground.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “An attitude of exploration and the desire to learn is what distinguishes a good student from an average one. Your civilization uses mostly a system of grading to classify your students, but it would be better – but perhaps more difficult – to evaluate progress by ascertaining the way in which knowledge transforms into wisdom in the lives of your students.

“When you talk about good or average students, a difference in intellectual capacities is not implied. Similarly, the Father does not differentiate among His children and He loves them all equally. Being a good student in the school of life is determined by the degree in which a mortal manages to know the will of the Father and to consecrate his or her life to this will. For this, a student must always keep her eyes open in order to detect the sparks of truth that hide in the waves of confused traditions, superstition and dogma that fill to the brim human religions and philosophies.

“It is possible to obtain great spiritual benefits through the practice of any of your religions that promote the idea of a deity that is the Creator Father of every individual. It is possible to grow in spirit through science and philosophy, when your mind is open to the exploration of the wonders of nature and the possibilities of human intellect, discovering the invisible hand that controls, inspires and leads everything to higher levels of truth, beauty and goodness. It is possible to get a better understanding of the love of the Father though service to your peers, in any of the human professions that aim to serve in many different ways.

“What matters is not the particular religion, doctrine, profession or the path that is chosen. What makes a difference is the intent of an individual and the desire to be better and to know more about reality. All those who want to understand the purpose of their lives and strive to be better every day will find the way that will lead them to eternal life and the presence of the Father. Each path is unique, even when the goal is the same. Therefore, it makes no sense to judge the decisions and actions of others, because what may be the best for you may not be so good for others. The achievement of spiritual enlightenment is always a personal attainment, something that each person reaches by his or her own efforts and decisions.

“When you observe religions, doctrines, philosophies and the paths of your peers, do not spend so much time highlighting the differences and apparent mistakes. Remember how many theories and beliefs, which you now consider absurd, were once a step on the ladder that helped you reach a higher level of understanding. Religious wars in this world would end if the members of each religion focused on the beliefs they have in common with others from different faiths, because in the end it is precisely at this common ground where they will find the highest truths and the greatest benefits for all.”

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