About the Symbolic Crucifixion of the Human Ego

Oregon, US of A, August 23, 2019.
Trinity Teacher: Uteah.
Subject: “About the Symbolic Crucifixion of the Human Ego.”

Message received by Anyas.

“Superimposed upon all this was his extreme mental anguish, his acute spiritual tension, and a terrible feeling of human loneliness.” [UB187:01]

Teacher Uteah: “The above statement describes the mental and emotional states of Jesus, as He was led to Golgotha to be crucified. He had been food – and sleep –deprived since His arrest, as well as flogged, spat upon, mocked, and ridiculed. Under such demeaning attacks, who would not hit rock-bottom?

“However, His main concern was the safety of those who demonstrated empathy and compassion toward Him, thus deeply touching His broken heart.

“There are moments in your life when you feel severely tested by the emotional duress inflicted upon you by extremely trying situations that seem ‘way beyond your pay grade.’ At those moments, you feel abandoned by God and the world at large. You are pushed to your limits and send out urgent petitions to God, begging for a Divine Intervention that cannot happen soon enough.

“When your emotional ‘rubber-band’ seems stretched to its breaking point, it is usually when the miracle takes place — an injection of hope that gives you an emotional reboot — a much-needed second wind.

“Having gone through such excruciating moments, Jesus acquired personal knowledge of the seemingly bottomless pit of human sorrow. He has been there without uttering a complaint, self-forgetting for the sake of others. What a shining example of love, empathy, and compassion!

“Know that you are NEVER alone in your moments of despair. Jesus’ heartstrings are connected to those who endure the symbolic crucifixion of their human ego on the cross of adversity. He will take you to the elevated state of consciousness He experienced at His glorious resurrection from the dead — the physically dead, as well as the ‘dead-men-walking’ who inflicted such abject treatment upon him. The noble and dignified behavior He exhibited while at His lowest, earned Him the respect of His tormentors, saving many more souls before and after He rendered His final breath.”

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