Peace Be Upon You!

Oregon, US of A, September 18, 2019.
Teacher: Christ Michael/Jesus.
Subject: “Peace Be Upon You!”

Message received by Anyas.

Christ Michael/Jesus: “As I walked this earth, and during My various apparitions after My physical demise, I greeted those I met with, ‘Peace be upon you!’ I always came in peace and love, as these are co-dependent for their survival.

“Love is peaceful and kind; peace is the place from which you can feel and express love. Looking at it from this perspective, you can grasp what is missing to bring your planet closer to its eternal destiny of Love and Light.

“The current planetary state of separation and divisiveness is the expression of the inner conflicts that plague the individuals who live upon her. Each one of you bears some measure of responsibility for this state of affairs — as I took on as the Son of Man.

“I came to bring good news to those who were receptive. I stressed that all of you belong to the same spiritual family and that it is time to overcome your petty sibling rivalries. How sad it is for a parent to witness the hostilities and jealousies taking place among their offspring!

“Nurture the peace in your heart, as it is the springboard to love. I never rushed while among men because I was giving each one My undivided attention. I cared, and generously dispensed the love I harbored in My heart, thus lifting the spirits of those with whom I interacted.

“It is within your area of influence to do the same. Be on the outlook for opportunities for loving service. Indeed, love is the greater servant of all. It has a life of its own that wishes to flow through as many conduits as possible — human or divine.

“As you practice love-in-action, you will experience a real upgrade. Love is luminous and will infuse you and your world with its tell-tale radiance. Just as hate casts a shadow on the countenance of the haters, love brightens it, as it turns up the vibrancy of their auric field.”

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