Receivers/Transmitters – Part 1

Quebec, Canada, November 13, 2019.
Teacher: Charles.
Subject: “Receivers/Transmitters.” – Part 1.

Message received by Michel Levasseur.

Charles: “I salute you all. I am Charles, a Mighty Messenger who is responsible for the encircuitment of the new receivers.

“Many of you wonder who I am, so what you need to know is that I am from Orvonton and just like you, I was an evolutionary being who lived on a planet that knew rebellion there aeons ago.

“I am with you as a Finaliter and to accompany Machiventa, Monjoronson and Christ Michael in various tasks assigned to me.

“Some of you know me because I sent you various messages in the past, so here I am back to accomplish this wonderful task of accompanying the new receivers who have already made their request in this way as well as all those who have a real desire to actively participate in future changes by being receivers of messages.

“Today, you must know that each one of you who has asked for it, or will ask for it in the near future, we will accompany you in this very beautiful process that will make you experienced receivers and who will have the task of participating actively in the changes that will bring the Planet to the era of Light and Life.

“In my future messages I will mention each of the details of what you will need to do and know for each step in the process. Know, my friends, we have built a great team of beings of all kinds who will attend to you in your development.

“This will be all for today but know that we are very happy to participate in this mission and that each of you who have this desire to participate will be accompanied to make possible this wonderful experience to the maximum for you.

“Have a good day.
“I AM Charles.”

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