What Have You Done with My Peace?

Oregon, US of A, September 28, 2019.
Christ Michael/Jesus.
Subject: “What Have You Done with My Peace?”

Message received by Anyas.

Christ Michael/Jesus: “Dear children, what have you done with the peace I left with you? Have you followed My recommendations to honor My memory with your deeds — to do things in My Name and on My behalf? Have you allowed the intellectual grasp of My living Truth to reach your heart so that you can act upon it from that loving place? Or do you use My words of truth as ammunition in your intellectual squabbles?

“Don’t you see? To be a true follower, you have to remain in My peace — the peace that passes all ‘human’ understanding. You have to operate from a place of unity — not one of antagonism. The words of encouragement I spoke while among you told you to love one another as I loved you. What have you done with My Love? Have you set it aside with My Peace?

“Dear ones, would you ever want to live in an agitated Kingdom where the end justifies the iniquitous means? Never did I allow peer pressure to dictate My behavior. I only took the actions that were fully compatible with the Golden Rule by which the Father Himself forever abides.

“Do not be swayed by the flawed ways of the world; stick to Mine! By doing so, you will become a stronghold for the New World order of Love and Light. Yes, put your lives in the service of Love — staying away from those who cleverly deal in lies and deception to enact what is abominable to the Father’s Eyes.

“By safeguarding your personal honor — your moral integrity — you will live in harmony within. It is how I lived My life, never selling short My precious inner peace.”

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