Urantia, December 12, 2012.
The Beloved One.
Subject: “Deciding Moments.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “There are moments in time which can forever alter a life. On a larger scale there are also those deciding moments which can forever alter a nation, or even a planet. Yet the populace at large often lives life without the awareness that a moment of significance has occurred. There are the sensitive ones who feel deep within themselves that a moment of significance has occurred, but they cannot really ‘put a finger on’ the exact happening. Incidentally, from such in-exact notions many superstitions are born, as the sensitive ones put meanings to their feelings and add their own flavor to events which rightly belong within the jurisdiction of the Gods.

“Well may you wonder where I am going with this long preparation to my talk this morning. In truth, these deciding moments have occurred rather often in the past, and people have become careless about qualifying these superstitions, accepting everything as fact. In this way, belief systems have sprung up which have their origin in total obscurity, because some sensitive souls had contact with their Spirit Selves, which tried to divulge some eternal truth for people to use. Many a ‘gold nugget of truth’ never sees the light of day to enter into the consciousness of people beset with the stresses of daily life. For long, the real importance of life escaped them, and places of worship sprung up to educate and feed these hungry souls. They still need to learn that the responsibility for soul growth rests upon their shoulders. They ought to prioritize their time at deciding moments, so they may feed both, their bodies and their souls.

“Deciding moments arrive at any time. They exist even in moment to moment thought, as thoughts create the future. Therefore, be still for a moment and notice where the next thought is coming from. Is it an elevating and positive thought, or a negative thought, which adds to a somber outlook on life? These are also deciding moments, quite unnoticed, although they are decisive in how life is lived. So you see that the whole of inner life is ever so important to be given a regular thought. Your thoughts do very much influence your life and its outcome at a ‘ripe old age’. These deciding moments do constantly arrive and they truly determine the state of your soul. Do make the decision ‘from which table you shall feed your soul’. Let it not be hollow entertainment which leaves you empty and dissatisfied as to how the hours where spent? Once time is gone, it can be recalled but never repeated. Many arrive at the portal of eternity and remark: ‘Oh if only I had known, I would have lived my life so very differently.’

“This is the reason why I spoke about these deciding moments you live through quite unawares, so you have a chance to reside more in the present moment, for that is all you have. Every ‘now moment’ can be a life-changing moment. You will be on this wonderful discovery tour for the rest of your life, and learn that there is absolutely nothing humdrum about life. The future is entirely in your hands, because by the way you think, you create your future.”

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