Urantia, December 23, 2012. (date of transcription).
The Beloved One.
Subject: “A Lesson on Selflessness.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “In this lesson we consider what it means to live in a state of selflessness. This is one of the rarest qualities to be found on this planet. Selfishness runs rampant as all her citizen struggle to attain a semblance of independence, which ought to be an unquestionable human right for those with the capacity to think clearly, so they can become independent citizens. This is a worthy goal to strive for, but it should not be taken for granted at the cost of less fortunate persons who do not have the inner resources to think clearly and who are easy prey to be taken advantage of. This is an area were selflessness can be practiced to its fullest.

“Do take responsibility for your less fortunate brothers and sisters, as collectively you are responsible for the self and progress for all, including care for the weakest of your citizens. There is a need for you to become more altruistic. Humans on a young developing planet such as this are not known for having this quality in any great measure, although there were shining examples throughout history. One of the better known selfless persons has been the man Jesus from Nazareth. His life as a young man growing up, fending for His widowed mother and younger siblings, is a sublime example of training in selflessness as he, together with His mother trained the younger children to become independent citizens. This is the most important part of child-rearing, so they become worthy citizens, able to look after themselves and help others.

“Selflessness is a shining example of a well-developed character with enough training through self-discipline to self-mastery. This is the ideal way for a human to develop. It is what you do for yourself to counteract negative impulses. People who can train their selves in these important matters are on their way to become truly free of the negative influences that assail them every day. They do not let criticisms from others deter them from doing what their heart tells them to do. It is to those who develop a strong connection to their Source within, and who learn to be able to listen to heaven's guidance, who will ultimately live the most satisfying lives, as their sense of altruism becomes well developed.

“I cannot indicate often enough how important it is for you to know that you don’t have to live isolated lives on this planet. You are not cosmic orphans. But it is up to you to establish that most important connection with your Source from Heaven within you. You are gifted with the ability to do so. All it takes is the flexing of your faith and trust muscles in whatever circumstances you find yourself, allow enough time to reinforce that oh so important connection with Me. In time you will come to realize that this connection is always there, but you need to do your part to keep your faith and trust alive, and this can only be done when you use it regularly.

“Search within and you will find the greatest Source of selflessness right within you to ever guide you as to the proper way to live. It is entirely My pleasure to help your soul and character develop to the glory of God on the long road to perfection.”

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