Illawarra District, Australia, December 27, 2012.
Midwayer Mathew (33:3:33).
Subject: “Viewing Life through a Keyhole.”

Received by George Barnard.

Mathew: “If you ever observed a scene through a keyhole, you must remember how you felt in so spying on another, or on a room when it was classed to be out of bounds. Well, try to imagine how you would have felt had you gone against the rules, and spied on what was forbidden, in case you have no immediate or acute memories of such. Viewing life through a keyhole is what you will get when you focus on the life here-after, for much of what is there is beyond your imaginings, and my informing you will give you but a faint idea.

“There are excellent reasons why, over the centuries, there has been little more than keyhole glimpses of life on the Mansion Worlds. Indeed, for all of your first life and beginnings it is essential for you to become and remain a son or daughter of faith. To have faith, just to grow and maintain this faith, constitutes almost all of what is needed to advance to Mansonia One, to sneak across the threshold, I say. Unbridled information about Mansonia does little for your faith, your trust, your overcoming your doubts to believe in our Creator God.

“Consider now, you are looking through the keyhole into a room on the Mansion Worlds, and I have placed a small mirror on the far wall. You are now capable of seeing a little more of this room – just a little more. In my speaking with you again today, I am your mirror. I reflect some of what I have learned on Mansonia Seven, some of what I observed during my visits to the other six spheres. To make good, to some extent, on an uncertain promise you made, I will “mirror” the first few weeks and months after J’s awakening on Mansonia One.

“He reports: ‘Here I have a younger body of perhaps 30 years of age, but it is rather precisely my body, all the same. I have my hair the original color, my teeth shiny white and my eyesight pefect for life on this planet – much sharper and far-reaching than it was even in my youth. Almost all of those I knew in my youth are here, also, but for the ones that have progressed further. The many I never knew, which I now meet, are easier to know, to understand, because one glance will tell me if they are advanced, intelligent, or long resident, and more.

“Before you arrive in Mansonia, you need to learn that you presently have a body, a mind with memory, a soul that is accumulating honors, gifts and prestige, and a Spirit Fragment of the Creator you will one day own. Here I have a new body, a new and smarter mind that prefers to remember only the good, my soul as it was at my departure, and the Spirit that is again my indwelling Companion, but not yet a part of me. Yes, whatever you can learn on the earth will stand you in good stead once you arrive here (a long unexplained silence).

“This is Mathew once again. This is as much as is allowed to be said, although there is nothing not already known here. As well, you (the receiver) are reminded that this kind of work is not your intended fare. Soon Prince Machiventa will speak with you, so be ready for his instructions. Au revoir and Adieu.”

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