A Noble System of Change

Urantia, February 17, 2020.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “A Noble System of Change.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: We shall do things a little different this time around since we are embarking on a new system of putting down the words as you are transcribing these words you receive in your mind. This again is very much a way for you to try and use the same method but slightly different than before. It serves to open your mind to a deeper level of thinking.

Be very mindful and intent on listening as now your focusing also comes under the looking glass. It has very much to do with the upliftment of the thought-patterns on this planet so more progress can be achieved within a better timespan, rather than the slow speed which has somewhat stagnated in the masses and over the centuries. I Am speaking of course about the spiritual thoughts of humankind. Materialistic thoughts are proliferating in sheer abundance and there is no doubt about that.

However, spiritual thoughts are going to be the system of change, and not just change but great changes in personal enlightenment if this planet is going to right itself out of the darkness of evil and sin. This will happen one person at a time.

There are different ways to live and methods by which to climb out of this abysmal state-of-affairs where brothers and sisters still fight and are at war with each other, never mind what country they belong to. It is about time to realize that only by waking up to the fact that you are each other at the root-source of your existence, that a greater love can flourish which will culminate in a greater respect and understanding for each other.

Having said that, let us examine the methods available to achieve this purpose of affecting a favorable change on this planet to move humanity forward towards a recognition of those special Gifts they have been gifted with from on High. Most live on in oblivion, never having realized that a most powerful heaven-sent Entity lives within them.

Throughout this new and lengthy series of short messages, we will continue to enlighten those who are willing to peruse these little gems and think about them for further edification.

It is a gross mistake and wicked thought to think of God sitting somewhere on a cloud with a ledger in His Hands keeping tab on the wrongdoings of all mortals.

Indeed not, the opposite is true. You are all mortals to whom great potential is given. It’s just that your thoughts don’t elevate you above the daily grind of making a living and you are simply loose cannons when not disciplined in your thoughts and habits.

From here we will focus on ways for you to improve yourself. Meanwhile give some thoughts as to how you think in a habitual way.

Editor’s Note: This is the first of some 2000 plus transmissions forwarded to me from Lytske. I shall date these on the day I edit the language.

God bless . . .
George Barnard.

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