Reflect on the Current Situation

Quebec, Canada, March 11, 2020.
Teacher: Monjoronson.
Subject: “Reflect on the Current Situation.”

Message received by Michel Levasseur.

Monjoronson: “Hello to you all, Monjoronson here and today I’m going to give you a message that will make many of you think.

“As you can see, the ‘atmosphere’ on the planet is quite chaotic at the moment with a situation which is worsening with the medical dilemma of a virus which is spreading quickly and another economic factor, like the stock market, which is seriously heading in a downward direction.

“However, you need to understand that the medical situation that is happening right now is not something new because there have been viruses in the past that have also been very damaging.

“Many of you have heard of the ravages of Spanish flu at the turn of the century. The spread of this virus was similar to this new virus but its virulence was more damaging to the population.

“However, what is new now: these two factors come together at the same time and this fact makes the situation more complex and problematic on the world stage.

“Now what would happen if a third factor were added to the first two and made the situation even more problematic? Have you ever thought about what could happen if new things further disrupt the current situation?

“Some of you believe that we (celestials) are behind everything that is happening on the planet today, but you should know that all these factors are totally and solely of human causes, Spirit is only the spectator of current events.

“I wish you a deep and sound reflection on the current situation.”

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