Alabama, US of A, January 11, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “A Lot of Help Available.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “When you speak you can be sure that we are listening. The Father, who is closer to you than any of His creatures in the universe, knows everything that is on your mind, many times even before you do. Similarly, the Spirit of Truth maintains a ‘direct line of communication’ with Michael and Nebadonia. In this way, deity automatically knows everything about you.

“Next are the Seraphic Guardians. They are always in contact with your mind and, even when they know you better than you do, they don’t do this automatically. They have to listen and explore your mind to perceive what you are thinking. For this reason, any words addressed to them, silently or aloud, will always be received with joy. Many of these angels serve for the entire mortal life of their human charges, who may never realize anything the angels do for them. The angels do not expect rewards nor do they need human recognition, but they always gladly receive the words of their beloved humans when these perceive their guardians’ presence, and understand the importance of the service provided to them.

“They are the angels who many times deliver the messages of their charges to those who need to receive them. I am talking of the cases when somebody ask for the healing of another person and this information reaches a celestial healer who perhaps has never seen the person in question. It is through the organization of the angels that the relevant personalities are involved and miracles occur.

“Know that there is a lot of help available to those who desire that the will of our Father becomes a reality on this world. The complexity of the angelic organization, and what it can achieve, lies beyond human understanding, but you don’t need to know how all this works in order to take advantage of it. Express your ideas for the improvement of this world, even when you think nobody is listening. Send your love to the remote corners of the planet, even if your don’t know how it will get there. Send your thoughts and your good wishes to your leaders and those who need a push to keep moving forward. All that is good, and everything that comes from God – the God that lives within you – will find a way to reach those who need it, and it will never be lost.”

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