An Essay on Directions

Urantia, March 03, 2020.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “An Essay on Directions.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: Most humans in their unawakened state are driven forth by the movement of time and circumstances. This does not need to be so for the awakening children of the Most-High Creator God. It is required for them to more knowingly live in a greater awareness with the choices available to them. It is up to each individual to carefully choose the direction, which will allow each one to travel in this earth life in the bodily temple of mortal habiliments which houses the potentially eternal spirit-self for unfoldment to the greater glory of its Maker.

It is up to you through your free will and by your choice and decision-making process, which enables you to become more God-conscious in your life. Not only in the intellect but also in the feeling arena of life, so your whole demeanor and actions will be affected by this in following the road of truth beauty and goodness.

They are the courageous children of God, who can carry on in the most dire of circumstances and who can say, “What can man do unto me while the true me is safe in the bastion of my soul?”

It is important to recall and remember that you grow your soul strong through your decision-making ability and by the practicing of your faith and trust muscles with an active prayer-life.

They are not the prayers recited by rote, which point you heavenward. They are your own heart-felt prayers, welling up in sincerity, from the depths of your being where truth, beauty and goodness reside.

Your soul ever stands naked before the throne of God. Therefore, see to it that no dark shadows of untruth remain. Be ever vigilant against negative thoughts and the mental poisons of anger, jealousy, hatred, unforgiveness and like grudges and resentment.

Soulful prayer is sure to get an answer. Unselfish prayer will yield results. It is the selfish prayer which most often falls on deaf ears. Prayer is designed to lead mortals God-ward. These are also the directions you can take to bring you closer to the All That Is.

Life is too short to be squandered by supposed weighty discussions whether God exists or not. This question is very easily answerable. All you need to do is look up into the starry heavens and consider the Architect behind all this glorious majesty.

Have faith and peace in your soul because sooner or later, you shall find out, Who and what is behind all this. Just hold on to your faith and all these things will be made clear to you for all eternity.

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