You May Call Us the Influencers

Illawarra District, Australia, March 27, 2020.
Teachers: The Damascus Scribe – Sananda.
Midwayer Chief, Bzutu (ABC-22).

Subject: “You May Call Us the Influencers.”

Message received by George Barnard.

The Scribe: “There are some in the celestial realms that can alter the flow of regular planetary events – among these Life Carriers and, to a less frequent extent, Melchizedeks. Life Carriers often work with evolving species, ‘retouching here or there’ some promising genetics on a creature to become the ancestor of sons and daughters of the Gods. Melchizedeks tend to make business-like decisions sometimes seen as stern, decisive and unbending.

“Now here is the point I’m making for you all; God does not punish mankind, never, not ever in the eternal past or the eternal future. All the physical universes ‘roll around’ without the Father punishing either nations or individuals. The Melchizedeks also don’t punish your people and neither do the gentle Life Carriers. There is, however, one thing that needs to be understood by you and that is that God foresees all that will happen in His space-time universes and rather than being the problem, or being part of the problem, the Father entices many of His Helpers to be part of the solution, to be influencers.

“I have a worthy Friend of yours here by my side. I will leave you all with it. Goodbye. I AM the Damascus Scribe.”

Bzutu: “In years gone by we were almost daily visitors to the home of you two in ‘this Land of Oz’ and then together with many others of our kind we were redirected to the European continent. I will explain myself in this way for the benefit of those interested in such matters and also for the benefit of this receiver, first of all, who forever still has endless questions on his mind. There is no such one in the Reserve Corps of Destiny who is special. He or she will be different, yes, can be vastly different, as is here the case.

“Also, we all vowed to not lose touch and here I am, yes, less regularly, sure, but the progression for you was always approximately from midwayer, to former human, to I AM, although the latter became the Damascus Scribe.

“Follow me here now and don’t let the outside noises distract you from the task; There is not a God who punishes his mortal sons and daughters, as Sananda just made known. There is, the present-day pandemic long ago foreseen even by you with your talk about silver as emergency money. And now, the possibility of another great war by a determined, over-reaching west and its confused and ‘disarrayed minions’ against a clever, resolute North and populous East, primarily, could interfere with Monjoronson’s plans of Light and Life.

“We, your celestial friends and brothers don’t care too much for the few families that want to make all of you their slaves and we take care of that by influencing those of whom it is known they will be the decision makers of that time. You may call us the Influencers. Later.”

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