The Matter of Eternity

Urantia, March 31, 2020.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “The Matter of Eternity.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Mortal life is the foundation of eternal life and death is the door thereto. The possibility exists that death can be eliminated through fusion with the Gift from God within. Life provides many loving service opportunities to advance spiritually and this development is open to all. It is the experiential depth of personal faith and trust in the Creator God which takes most fear away. The reason why l am telling you this, is that there is too much fear connected with death because of the unknown. Each mortal child ought to be told that death is the door to a higher way of living.

“It is one’s personal responsibility to educate oneself about death and eternity. Any spirit-born human being loses fear of death. This is the real birth which takes place in each faith filled mortal, who thereby becomes immortal. It is your faith and trust in God which sets you free from all the mystery surrounding death. It is the hope that springs up in the human breast and makes life so much easier to live.

“Since death is the door to eternity, (if chosen in mortal life) you will not know how long you have been asleep, just like when you fall asleep here and do not know where the night went. Such is that period intervening between mortality and resurrection into the morontia existence, which is the training period before one becomes a young spirit. You will progress and advance from one morontia world to a higher one depending on the speed of your spiritual development.

“When you finally arrive at the system headquarters, you will eventually progress to the constellation headquarters. After increasingly becoming more spiritual you will advance to the Melchizedek University worlds surrounding Salvington, the Headquarters World of your Universe in which your planet Urantia is located.

“There, after completing your training as a morontia being, you will gain the status of a young spirit and will get permission from your universe Ruler Michael, known on your world as Jesus of Nazareth, to venture beyond the borders of your local universe to continue your training. This is in a nutshell the ascension journey for the pilgrims of time in eternity to become perfect like the Universal Creator is Perfect.”

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