A New Theology

Alabama, US of A, June 25, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “A New Theology.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Spirituality should be considered to be one of the worthwhile disciplines of human endeavor. Theology was the first step, but most of this area of study deals with the religions of the past. While it is important to understand how in the past human beings conceived the Creator, it is necessary to dedicate an equal amount of time to the exploration of new ideas and scientific speculation.

“Why is it that the knowledge of the Father is not considered to be a matter that deserves serious study? Traditional religions promote the idea that knowing who the Father is – as the object of worship – is a positive thing, but when a lot of questions are asked, the henchmen of fossilized truth immediately adopt a defensive position. Truth should never resist honest examination. Questions and any effort to find new answers often help illuminate an idea in the minds of those who attempt to understand truth.

“It is time to create a new theology based on truly scientific principles. This theology should be regarded just like the other important disciplines of humanity. Just as with any other scientific and intellectual area, the new theology can make use of the knowledge obtained by other sciences and philosophies, such as sociology, anthropology, biology, and more. Could you consider the Universal Father while ignoring the human being that strives to discover Him – His child? Could you study the creative power of your Father while ignoring creation? Those who want to better understand the Father should approach him also through the study of His manifestations, the study of all that is.

“The new theology should be promoted by men and women trained in free and reflective thinking. These pioneers should also be keen observers of nature and human beings, particularly themselves, since the Father is better perceived from authentic human experience – a life of discovering an increasingly complete truth, and a vision increasingly clearer of reality. Theology would then become an effort to discover the hand of the Creator behind everything.

“The new scientific theology must be divorced from traditional religion. It is a fallacy dedicating philosophical efforts to attempt to justify a predetermined opinion or to exalt the life of a saint or patriarch. The new theology should have as its final goal the improvement and enlightenment of humanity. A better approach would be trying to understand the commonalities among all religions and to present the higher truths from each religion for the benefit of humanity, instead of just highlighting the differences. This would promote a real evolutionary religion, one that would advance with the rest of civilization and would be updated with the new knowledge obtained by every generation.

“Finally, the students of this new theology should be mortals with a dynamic faith. Only those who search will find, and faith provides the hope of discovering something, which opens the mind and the soul to receive and gain a truly spiritual experience. Theologists will become explorers and will walk the path of faith attempting to answer their transcendental questions and offering guidance to their peers. The honest study of the Father is the study of the highest goals of humanity and it is something that each human being can do and realize in her experience if so desired.

“The theologists of the new era will not be forged in universities only, but also by personal experimentation and the search for truth.”

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