Alabama, US of A, January 26, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Living in Wakefulness” – Part 2.

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “You have made the decision to put yourself and your progress in my hands. Yes, you have decided this, even when there is still fear and doubt within you. I am not here to test you, or to send you sorrows to make you stronger. I am here to simply travel the path of life with you, and experience whatever life may bring.

“You are starting to observe yourself in 'real time'. This didn't happen in a natural or magical fashion. You had to make many mistakes in the past for you to decide to do something about them. You had to experience your anger many times to know what caused it and how to anticipate its appearance. It is the experience of previous mistakes, which helped you with your faith and your wise request for help and illumination. Remember this when next you make a mistake.

“Mistakes – the blunders of life – are not in any way necessary for spiritual growth and personal improvement. In spite of your slip-ups, there are some mistakes you never made, and some you will never make. However, you have learned valuable lessons which you have accepted in faith, and because of what you have observed. See? Even the errors and experiences of others can help you grow. This is why the experience of a mortal life is so valuable on High. Consider this when observing the mistakes of your siblings, and when you find yourself judging them.

“The true spiritual student – who must be the teacher of those coming after him or her – always finds opportunities to learn by always being attentive, observing – awake.”

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