The Sins of the Fathers – 4

Illawarra District, Australia, April 26, 2020.
Teacher: Ezekiel, the Prophet.
Subject: “The Sins of the Fathers.” – 4.

Message received by George Barnard.

George: “On High, I’m sure, you can speak with anybody you wish to. This is an evolutionary world, as you well know, and it’s citizens have priorities. They have a need to earn a crust. As well they need to sleep to do it all again during the very next day and just before they close their eyes, here comes spirituality – a dim, stolen afterthought.

Ezekiel: “They all are the sins of the fathers, my dear brother, as I told you before. Now that you have been promised an Emmisary from Paradise, are you ready to receive Him? I think, not! There are those few among you who are ready, but collectively you are far from ready. In fact, as I look around, I see countless whom could well have been my neighbors in that now long-ago time.

“It will require a miracle performed by the God of all that’s seen and unseen for you all to become followers of a Magisterial Son, who will try to ease you out of the Correcting Time and into the days of Light and Life. For my part I tell you, later-day messenger, George, that you are far from accepting of such an event. Clearly, your feelings about those of different skintones is way out of line. There’s no forgiveness for those who adhere to a ‘strange’ political system and forget all who mean to worship another God entirely.

“Let me tell you what will be your saving grace, and, no, not yours personally, no, you were one of the early heralds to this time to arrive. Your saving grace will be the fact that your new Savior from Paradise will light His fire in the minds of your long-weary citizens. And they will speak of Him. And they will talk of His wonders, His magic and miracles. So it will be through the actions of your generations of young ones that the task of your Savior will come to fruition on our world, at long last.

“You, the Midwayers’ apprentice, will be following the slow goings on and together with unknown trilllions of souls, and I, and from far-away vantage points, will wonder how the Father of All has put together the many, many players that will each do their task to make this Correcting Time come to a close and Light and Life announce itself. Let me whisper this onto your ear, my dear brother, that, ‘Collectively you are nowhere near ready to wear the mantles of His Teachers, but a growing number of your young ones are.

“I am Ezekiel, the son of Buzzi. Have a peaceful day.”

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