Oregon, US of A, January 18, 2020.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Home Is Where Hearts Beat in Unison.”

Message received by Anyas.

“In the physical universe we may see the divine beauty, in the intellectual world we may discern eternal truth, but the goodness of God is found only in the spiritual world of personal religious experience.” [UB 2:6:0]

Thought Adjuster: “The quest for the Divine has been initiated from the various access points of human experience. The beauty of the physical universe unquestionably appeals to the soul of men. From what they see, they make deductions as to the Essence of the Architect. As well, the search for truth has been, is, and will be agelong. Little by little, amid many setbacks, humankind emerges from its intellectual fogginess.

“The natural longing to experience unfiltered Divine Love is another driving force — at times, very unconscious. This quest can only be satisfied through genuine religious experience. It is the reason why Jesus spent so much time in communion with the Father in Him — His Indwelling Father Fragment — and enjoined both family members and followers to nurture such a one-to-One relationship.

“Love cannot be felt intellectually. Neither can it be received by proxy and hearsay. It has to be experienced, as Love is PERSONAL.

“Certainly, by taking in the beauty of creation, you may be moved deeply in your heart, as the appreciation of beauty triggers feelings of awe and gratitude. As well, intellectual knowledge can be shared with others, thus augmenting the legacy of identified truth. However, because Love surges from the heart, it can only be experienced there — in the Holy of Holies of your being.

“The question to ask yourself is: How much of the goodness of God have I identified? Was it an intellectual exercise or an experiential insight — a mental deduction or a personal epiphany with the flavor of a life-altering conversion experience?

“Strive to get to that place of enlightenment — the place where your soul FEELS the supportive, loving intentions for its beingness. It will ground you in the Divine, and you will know you have come Home — where hearts beat in unison.”

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